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Nikita Exclusive: David Keith Is [Spoiler's] Long-Lost Dad! Plus, Meet the New Birkhoff

David Keith is bringing a whole new set of daddy issues to The CW’s Nikita this fall.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that the Officer and a Gentleman actor (who most recently appeared as James Wolk’s pa on Fox’s short-lived Lone Star) will guest star in what could amount to multiple episodes of Nikita‘s second season, as the titular character’s birth father.

“Episode 6 guest stars David as a man named Richard Nelson, who is Nikita’s father,” showrunner Craig Silverstein tells us. “She actually finds a file under her name in the black box that has some information about her real parents, stuff that she never knew. So, she goes out to seek this person.”

The exec producer adds that for now Keith will only be seen in the “present day, because there are no flashbacks of him for Nikita; she never knew her parents. She was really young when she was given over to the foster system.”

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At Comic-Con in July, Silverstein’s promised fans that Season 2 of Nikita would examine the core characters’ search for their respective “homes” — a story arc the exec says will encompass Nikita’s Division past as well. “We’ll definitely reveal more more training and more missions that she went on,” he elaborates. “Among the writers, there is a desire to see her pre-Division, post-runaway self, leading up to her going to prison, but we’re still trying to find the right place for it within the season.”

Now, about the aforementioned “new Birkhoff”… Don’t worry, Aaron Stanford is still around (and kicking more ass than ever!), but Silverstein tells us that there will be a new computer geek within the Division walls this year. “They’ve replaced Birkhoff with a beautiful new hacker-type — played by newcomer Lyndie Greenwood — but she doesn’t look like one. She’s a Nigerian-born, raised in the UK-woman named Sonya, who you’ll see on the sidelines, though she might grow [as a character] a little bit.”

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How excited are you for Nikita‘s second season (premiering Friday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c)?!