Cougar Town Name 'Not Around Much Longer' - What Would You Title the Show?

Cougar Town cocreator Bill Lawrence has news for fans of the ABC comedy: “Those that loved the title…. [It’s] not around for much longer.”

Lawrence floated that likelihood on Twitter Thursday night, reigniting a dialogue that has dogged the show since Episode 1.

Although at the start Courteney Cox’s divorcée found herself romping with younger guys, that conceit was dropped early into the show’s freshman run, allowing the well-cast comedy to change course, find new footing and emerge as a very strong ensemble effort.

UPDATE: More pragmatically, Lawrence says that ABC research shows there are a “high number of men that will NEVER sample show called [Cougar Town], even those that liked it once they screened an epsiode.” Also problematic is the “incredibly high rate of fans who will not/or can’t get friends to watch due to the title.”

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I broke the news about Lawrence pondering a Cougar Town name-change — to better court potential viewers who were likely turned off by the provocative, sexual predator concept — back in January 2010, for TV Guide Magazine, if that gives you an idea of how long this issue has been banging around. But with Season 3 being held for a midseason berth (it will air Tuesdays at 9/8c, once Dancing With the Stars exits the primetime dance floor), there apparently is still time to cage the Cougar in deference to something better.

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These days, Lawrence seems to be entertaining Sunshine State (previously off-the-table, because Mr. Sunshine aired on ABC), Friends With Beverages and The Drinking Age as possible titles. Use this poll to throw your weight behind any of the oft-mentioned candidates, or propose one of your own.

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