Exclusive: Being Human Brings Back [Spoiler]!

When it comes to Being Human, being most sincerely dead apparently isn’t enough to keep someone from taking part in Season 2 of the Syfy series.

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Sources tell TVLine that Mark Pellegrino, who played big baddie Bishop throughout the first cycle — until the character was decapitated with prejudice by Aidan, then crumbed to dust — will reprise his role for at least one Season 2 episode, if not more.

This confirms that which exec producer Anna Fricke hinted at this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, telling fans, “I think it’s safe to say we have not seen the last of Bishop in whatever form” –- thus allowing the possibility that he might not appear in the flesh per se but in flashbacks, for example.

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A spokesperson for the Syfy series would neither confirm nor deny Pellegrino’s encore, but instead advised fans to “tune in to see what develops when the show returns” in January 2012.

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Pellegrino, whose genre-TV resume includes stints on Supernatural and Lost, next can be seen on TNT’s The Closer, where he’s in the midst of a recurring role as a high-powered attorney defending Brenda in a wrongful death suit.