Hot Video: The 'Lost' Locke & Key Pilot Trailer

Fans of the Locke & Key graphic novel series (by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez) who didn’t make it to Comic-Con this summer — where the pilot, passed on by Fox, was screened — now can at least get a look at the trailer that was prepared for advertisers.

Shared by Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), who penned the TV adaptation, the promo gives a good feel for how the pilot played out, as directed by music-video vet Mark Romanek.

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Most simply said, Locke & Key concerns a family that, in the wake of the patriarch’s (Lost‘s Mark Pellegrino) murder, moves from California to Massachusetts. There, the mother (Miranda Otto) and her three kids (played by All My Children‘s Jesse McCartney and his hoodie, The Tudors‘ Sarah Bolger and Skylar Gaertner) move into an estate called Key House, so as to be close to the deceased’s brother (Nick Stahl).

Then things get very eerie, as a set of unusual keys prove to unlock all sorts of unsettling discoveries within and round the manor, including a well where a mysterious girl is trapped.

Watch the trailer here, then tell us if you think Fox made the right call in not ordering Locke & Key to series.

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