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Question: Are you OK? That photo of you in the hospital has me on edge! What happened?! —Carol
That’s really none of your business, Carol. Just because I tweeted a private photo of myself lying in a hospital bed to more than a million people doesn’t give you the right to ask me such invasive questions. Now make yourself useful and buy me something off my get-well registry.

Question: Just wondering if you had any info about Kurt and Blaine on this season’s Glee. I hear they’re not breaking up, but I’d like to know what they are up to. —Allie
Kurt spends a decent portion of the season premiere urging his teenage dream to transfer to McKinley. Given Darren Criss’ new series regular status, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Blaine gives into the pressure.

Question: Do you have any hints on what’s to come on the new season of Glee, especially for Santana? —Ghislaine
Santana is made captain of the Cheerios, but she’s a little bent out of shape when Sue informs her that she’s got a co-captain — and that person’s not too keen on sharing either.

Question: Is Tina a senior on Glee? I’m reading conflicting reports. —Allison
According to Tina’s portrayer Jenna Ushkowitz, she’s a junior. Her boyfriend Mike Chang, however, is a senior — and that could cause some problems for the couple. “I’m definitely excited to see a little bit of conflict,” says Ushkowitz. “I’m excited to see how they deal with that.”

Question: Will we see Booth’s Grandpa (Ralph Waite) on Bones this season? —Sarah
You sure will. Gramps reappears in Episode 4 when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan. And guess who else is set to return in that very same episode? Go ahead, have a guess. [Beat] Forget it, you’re taking too long. It’s Tina Majorino’s Special Agent Genevieve Shaw!

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Question: Is Carla Gallo going to be back on Bones as Daisy Wick? —Ed
Yes, but the status of her relationship with Sweets will remain “ambiguous” in the early going, according to John Francis Daley. “They love each other very much,” he adds. “I have the feeling — I don’t know this for a fact — that their [relationship] will be unpredictable.”

Question: Can I have some Californication spoilers please? —Maria
Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster recently finished shooting an arc as the new boyfriend of Hank’s daughter Becca, and his head is still spinning. “I’ve never been around any crazy stuff like that [on a series], and it was fun,” he says of his stint, which will air during the show’s fifth season (premiering Jan. 8, 2012). “The whole point of the character is that I’m so similar to Hank, there’s tension between them for the whole season.”

Question: Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy scoop about Callie and Arizona? – Mariana
With the couple entering a new and relatively drama-free stage in their relationship, Arizona is freed up to take on a charity case: Karev. “Arizona’s storyline [this season] has been more about being the only person that’s behind Karev,” Jessica Capshaw tells TVLine. “At the end of last year, he pissed a couple people off. So this year she’s meant to be an advocate for him, really ushering him into the peds fellowship.”

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Question: This is yours in exchange for a Chuck scoop. Also, hope you feel better. —Laura
I already have a dozen of those, but it’s the thought that counts. And it’s that thought that earned you this scoop: An upcoming episode will feature Chuck and Sarah going on their first Buy More business trip. “It doesn’t sound exciting at all,” executive producer Chris Fedak acknowledges, “but let’s just put it this way — it involves an Embassy Suites.” Still underwhelmed? Fedak reveals that “we will learn much more” of Sarah’s backstory when the show returns.

Question: Chuck spoilage, please? —Jaime
Ellie and Awesome are going to get more immersed in the spy world in Season 5. “They know about Chuck’s spy life now,” Fedak explains. “They know about the [freelance spy] company. Things have changed. It’s much more of a family story.”

Question: Please tell me you have some news about Make It or Break It. I know the saying is “No news is good news,” but this time I think no news may be bad news. Please tell me ABC Family is bringing it back. —Jessica
Former MIOBIer Joshua Bowman, who’s now starring in ABC’s new thriller Revenge, is feeling optimistic about the show’s renewal chances. “I think it’ll go another season,” he says. “I’m [still] in touch with a couple of people in the cast. I loved working on it. It’s a great show. I loved the character and everything. But I’m obviously committed now to [Revenge].”

Question: Ausiello!!!! I haven’t heard anything about Castle in a while! What do you have for me?! —Kerri
You don’t have to scream! I wasn’t hospitalized for excess wax buildup in my ears! In the aftermath of Beckett’s shooting, Alexis will fear for her father’s safety more than ever. And you’ll never guess who bears the brunt of her anger/anxiety? Go ahead, have a guess. [Beat] Forget it, you’re taking too long. It’s Beckett! “There’s definitely going to be some words and heat between Alexis, Castle and Kate Beckett,” says Molly Quinn, adding that Alexis “still respects” Beckett, “but at the same time [it’s like], ‘This isn’t your life. This isn’t your dad. You don’t understand.'”

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Question: Since Tamala Jones recently announced that she has become a series regular on Castle, what does that mean for Lanie and Esposito? —Danielle
Ironically, it could mean their relationship is dunzo. While Jon Huertas (Esposito) confirms that we’ll see “a lot more of [the pair] interacting as a couple” this season, he adds that producers “want to go all the way to where we may break up. It may be because of Ryan and Jenny and their relationship and where they’re going as a couple into marriage. It might make Lanie or Esposito say, ‘Maybe I want to get married’ — and maybe the other person doesn’t.”

Question: Could I get some Castle scoop please? I finally listened to my hairdresser and watched all three seasons this summer and now I cannot get enough. Thanks a thousand Snapples. —Julie
Castle’s getting a new lust interest! The show is casting the potentially recurring role of a “gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated art insurance investigator” who takes an immediate liking to Cas — and vice-versa. The twist? Ms. Insurance Lady is hiding a surprising past!

Question: Do you know when Olivia Wilde will make her final appearance as Thirteen on House? —Laurie
I believe it’s Oct. 17. “It’s a really bittersweet episode,” confides a source. BTW, let’s put an asterisk next to the word “final” here. If this does turn out to be House‘s final season, I have a hunch Thirteen may check back in before the end.

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Question: I was wondering if you had any scoop on how Jason Ritter’s Mark Cyr is going to re-enter Sarah’s life on Parenthood. —Marina
They’re going to run into one another at school. And by “run into” I mean Mark is going to witness Sarah having a heated confrontation with [spoiler alert], after which the two reconnect. By the way, no one is happier to have Jason Ritter back in the fold than Lauren Graham. “I can’t convey to you how truly special I think he is,” she gushes. “I know that this is just a stop in such a long journey for him, and I feel so lucky and thankful and charmed every day to explore this [relationship] that I’ve never seen [on television before]… It’s rare to see the reality of this age difference explored — especially when the woman is older and it’s not a joke. It’s a real relationship.”

Question: It’s been month since the last Desperate Housewives scoop! Please? —Camilla
I think you’re exaggerating but I’m too lazy to research your claim so I’ll let it stand. Among the items on exec producer Bob Daily’s DH bucket list: “I really want to try to do a final iconic Halloween episode,” he tells TVLine. “I’d love to devise some chills in the lives of the women because our mystery this year is very dark. So I think Halloween is going to be a time where some of the dark secrets come to the fore.”

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Question: Got any Rookie Blue scoop on Sam and Andy? —Bea
This doesn’t bode well for the will they/won’t they pair: “[Sam’s] really thinking seriously about getting into guns and gangs and going undercover again,” Ben Bass tells us. What could possibly prompt him to step away from his girl Andy? Keep a lookout for our complete Q&A with Bass (and Eric Johnson!) for the scoop.

Question: The new season of How I Met Your Mother is so, so close. Got anything juicy on it? —Rebecca
Kal Penn debuts as Robin’s shrink and love interest in Episode 4. “Robin comes [to him] to deal with all of these illogical feelings she has for Barney, and then [she develops] illogical feelings for her therapist,” explains exec producer Craig Thomas. “So it picks up from there with them wrestling with, ‘What the hell do you do with that? That’s weird and inappropriate.’ So that’s a fun new thing that Robin has to wrestle with.”

Question: Any intel on where True Blood‘s Jason/Jessica/Hoyt triangle is headed? —Marina
It’s headed for a major turning point in this Sunday’s episode. Hint: It involves the back of a pickup truck.

Question: Got any scoop on Season 4 of Fringe? —Mena
The show is casting the role of an intelligent and thoughtful scientist in his 50s who was once viewed as the most daring and innovative mind in his field. Matt Mitovich’s theory (or mine if it proves to be accurate): This is the guy Peter reaches out to to to try to get loved ones to remember him.

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