Exclusive: Smallville's Erica Durance Strikes a Spark With One of Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels executive producer Al Gough wasn’t kidding when he said the other day, “We’d obviously love to have any [Smallville alumni] come on the show.” In fact, it now seems he may have been holding out when he said that.

A studio source tells TVLine that Erica Durance — whom Gough cast as Lois Lane during his and Miles Millar’s lordship over Smallville — will guest on ABC’s new Angels as Samantha Masters, a tough-as-nails, Glock-toting CIA operative who has a bit of a romantic history with Bosley (aka “the fourth angel” in this new take, played by Ramon Rodriguez).

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In fact, their unexpected (and at times intense) crossing of paths while each on assignment in Cuba lets slip a bit of Boz’s checkered past, including a few of his aliases and a hint at what bad-boy behavior ultimately led him to Charlie Townsend’s redemption-by-private-investigation program.

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As Smallville entered its final stretch, Durance told me of her future acting plans — after I specifically suggested she be one of the new Charlie’s Angels! — “I just want to kick ass and take numbers! We’ll see if I get the chance.” Well, that chance is now on the horizon. Charlie’s Angels premieres Thursday, Sept. 22, at 8/7c, with Durance’s episode tentatively set to air in mid- to late October.

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Durance recently shot a pilot for Canada’s CTV, Saving Hope, where she stars as the Chief Surgical Resident of a hospital.