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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Grey's Anatomy, HIMYM, Bones, Cougar Town, Dexter and More!

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Question: Someone’s been stingy with the Glee scoop of late. And that someone would be you. —Lisa
Someone’s about to make up for lost time. And that someone would be me.  I heard through the grapevine — the grapevine in this case being the red carpet at the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie — that Quinn gets back in touch with her inner bad girl when Season 3 starts. Also, word around town — the town in this case being Westwood, which is where the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie was held — is that several castmembers will be taking a crash course in tap-dancing in preparation for the Sept. 20 season opener.

Question: Will Alex be forgiven for what he did to Meredith in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? —Dawud
As Justin Chambers sees it, that’s one wound that will not be easily healed. “What he did was wrong,” he tells me. “It was really uncool. There’s nothing worse than a rat fink.” Ironically, the Jesus Juice he was under the influence of may prove to be his savior. “The alcohol had a lot to do with it,” Chambers reasons. “That’s the only thing that’s making me go, ‘OK, we all make mistakes. We do stupid things when we drink.’ But still, that’s a hard one to get past.”

Question: Any news on the romantic front for Grey’s Anatomy‘s poor Alex now that yet another girlfriend has fled the scene? —Kelly
I’m guessing he’ll dip his toe back in the dating pool again at some point this season, but if you ask me it’s an exercise in futility. There’s only one woman for Alex, and her name’s Izzie. And I think Chambers will back me up on this. “They were the real deal — or as much as a real deal can be on Grey’s Anatomy,” Chambers concurs. “That was the love of his life.” Amid talk that the show may be heading into the homestretch, Chambers admits he “would love” to see Katherine Heigl return to give their storyline closure. “Heigl is so fun,” he raves. “She is one of the funnest people I’ve ever worked with. She really is a special gal. I would love to have her back. Maybe we will before the season ends.”

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Question: I’m on the look for a scoop on Grey’s Anatomy. Can you give me any gossip on Cristina and Owen’s future? —Bonnie
This sort of pertains to them: Kevin McKidd will step behind the camera again to helm this season’s sixth episode. And unlike his last directorial effort, this episode won’t be Owen-lite. “I know that I’m going to be in it a lot more than I was when I first directed,” he says. “I was only in one scene in the first one; I’m going to be in this one a lot more.”

Question: Any scoop about Teddy and Henry’s relationship on Grey’s Anatomy? Is Scott Foley sticking around for a while? —Cynthia
He’s around for “a decent amount of time,” confirms series creator Shonda Rhimes. “We’d keep him around forever if we could.” As would Teddy. “We start out [the season] where they’re really madly in love,” reveals Kim Raver. “They’re really very, very close right now. I definitely think for Teddy, Henry completes who she is and what she needs.” And the best part? He likes her back! “The great thing is that it’s reciprocated,” Raver adds. “It’s sort of the first time [that’s happened for her]. It’s a really big deal. “

Question: Please tell me this is the season Deb finds out about Dexter‘s recreational activities. How much longer can they drag this out? —Steve
I’ll say this: Something happens towards the end of the Season 6 that will forever alter the show’s DNA. Interpret as you like.

Question: Any scoop on Chuck? —Dani
Chuck and Sarah are taking full advantage of their new professional autonomy, particularly when it comes to the design and look of their new spy shingle. I hear the offices of Charmichael Industries will look like the cool rec room you always wanted as a kid but never had. We’re talking pinball machines, candy-filled jars and other kitschy goodness. It’s the kind of set-up that would make General Beckman lose her will to live, so it’s probably best she’s only around part-time this season.

Question: So excited for the new season of How I Met Your Mother. Are we going to see the fifth and final slap of the slap bet? –Lindsay
Yes… but not necessarily this season. “We will see the last slap,” assures exec producer and co-creator Carter Bays. “The last slap will not be the Russian guy running off into the woods [like] on Sopranos. We will resolve it, but we can’t say whether it’s this year or next year, or the year after that or the year after that, or Season 14.”

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Question: Will Lily’s pregnancy span How I Met Your Mother‘s entire season? Meaning, do we have to wait for the finale to see her give birth? —Carolina
Pretty much. The baby arrives during May sweeps. However, we’ll find out if the bundle of joy has a ding-dong or a hoo-hah before then. “There will be an episode before she give birth that’s about what the sex of the baby is,” reveals EP Craig Thomas.

Question: Now that Desperate Housewives has set an end date, and Dana Delany is still employed by ABC, please tell me they’re going to figure out a way to bring Katherine Mayfair back at least one final time. She was by far the best thing to ever happen to the show after Season 1! —Anthony
Delany wants it to happen. Showrunner Bob Daily wants it to happen. So my guess is it’ll happen. “She’s working like a mad woman on [ABC’s] Body of Proof but I would love that,” Daily tells me. “We want this season to feel like a bookend, so we would love to bring back some familiar faces and tie up some loose ends — and God knows there are plenty of loose ends.”

Question: Got anything about ABC’s Once Upon a Time? —Danny
Two things: It’s so good I watched the pilot twice (and that almost never happens). Also, the showrunners told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich that they initially reached out to Lady Gaga to make a cameo as The Blue Fairy in the pilot, but they never heard back. Mother Monster’s loss is Canadian actress Keegan Connor Tracy’s gain!

Question: Any news on Cougar Town? Anything would make my day — I’m going through withdrawals! —Irene
Bobby’s getting a new girlfriend this season, and that’s bad news for Travis. Turns out pop’s new flame just so happens to be Trav’s photography teacher. Awkwardsauce!

Question: Any Private Practice scoop on Addison and Sam relationship? —Jacklyn
Although the season premiere picks up where the finale left off —with Pete in cardiac arrest — there will be a time jump later in the episode. And when everyone’s clocks are adjusted, Sam and Addison will be cohabitating (she moves in with him, not the other way around). Amelia, meanwhile, is now living in Addison’s crib.

Question: Has there been any talk about a House spinoff should the series end this season? —Jody
There has been talk, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. “There have only been abstract discussions,” says network prez Kevin Reilly. “But I don’t really see anything happening.”

Question: Any House scoop about Wilson and House? —Aspen
In keeping with this season’s back-to-basics theme, series creator David Shore says he wants to get the Wilson-House relationship “back to the roots,” adding, “We’re getting them back to that fun relationship they had early on.”

Question: Thanks for the awesome Lisa Edelstein interview. Did she say whether her Good Wife character will lock horns with Alicia (Julianna Margulies)? —Stephanie
Given that she shares a romantic history with Alicia’s man Will, it’s very safe to say the two will clash. But don’t expect a confrontation right out of the gate. “In my first episode I have scenes with Julianna but they’re not one-on-one,” Edelstein tells me. “I have no idea where they’re going with it, but I’m sure there’s going to be something.” By the way, this isn’t the first time Edelstein and Margulies have shared the screen together. “I did the live episode of ER with her,” she notes of the reunion, one of three she has experienced so far on the Good Wife set. “The director of this episode is David Platt, who did a number of House episodes, and I did Sports Night with Josh Charles.”

Question: I need a Good Wife scoop. Please. —Will
Thanks for saying please. It goes a long way. (Not as long as cash bribes and/or Snapple deliveries and/or Amazon gift certificates, of course.) Exec producer Robert King confirmed TVLine’s scoop that Alicia’s brother Owen will be getting a boyfriend this season. “We wanted to [upend] the cliché of the gay brother on TV being neutered in some way,” he says. “They’re usually either celibate or they just broke up. You never see [a boyfriend]. But that’s not who Owen is.”

Question: Will Sarah be a famous playwright when Parenthood returns? —Adam
Not quite. “Her writing career is a little bit subdued for the first couple of episodes,” reveals Sarah’s alter ego, Lauren Graham. “But it’ll come back. I love that Sarah chose something that isn’t instantly gratifying or lucrative, particularly in the Bay Area. But that’s what art is. I like the potentially slow pace of that.” As it is, Sarah will have her hands full juggling the return of Mark (Jason Ritter) and the “loss” of  her daughter. “Amber [Mae Whitman] is moving out,” notes Graham, “and I really love how it’s handled, because I didn’t want to be a parent who was trying to make my kid feel bad. I’m independent, she’s independent. But it is an emotional moment.”

Question: Have any other spoilers about the new season of Bones? Please? I’m dying here! —Cassie
Mom-to-be Brennan and new-mom Angela finally have something to talk about besides unrequited romance, and Michaela Conlin couldn’t be happier. “There’s been a lot of scenes with the two of them talking about strollers and baby gear,” offers Angela’s portrayer. “I’m really glad that they’re getting a chance to talk about something other than Brennan and Booth getting together. Instead they’re talking about hormones, sleep patterns and names.” Conlin is also pleased that her onscreen son, Michael, is getting a nice chunk of screen time. “I like that we’re seeing the baby a bit,” she says. “I thought maybe he would just be in day care all season. It’s been fun for me to have a real, live child in my arms after so much talk about it.”

Question: There is a void in my life, and it has Parks and Recreation written all over it. Please fill it for me? — Sheryl
How’s about I let Jim O’Heir (Jerry) and Retta (Donna) do it for me? In the season premiere, she says, “We start off the minute the finale ended. But you don’t get to meet Tammy 1 until the second episode.” And if you think you’re excited about Patricia Clarkson’s arrival on the scene, you ain’t got nothin’ on Retta. “I was obsessed with Six Feet Under,” she shares. Anything Donna-centric to add? “I’m hoping I get a [Mercedes] upgrade to a newer year,” the actress jokes, in character. What about poor old Jerry? “I still have the wife and kids, and I’m still being picked on,” says O’Heir. Sorry I asked. I meant to ask about Leslie and Ben. “All the people out there who love Ben will go crazy in Episode 3. In a good way,” he teases. “He does some really lovely stuff.”

Question: Care to share some spoilers on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? —JD
I do care. For one, the FX comedy will take on child pageants à la Toddlers & Tiaras next season. “If you’re all for parading your kids around in bikinis, half-nude, then don’t watch our show,” warns Glenn Howerton (aka Dennis). Adds Charlie Day, “We will address the New Jersey shore and the people of the New Jersey shore in a way that has never been addressed before.” Also, watch for “a heart-warming episode with a baby funeral.”

Question: Is Marg Helgenberger really leaving CSI? I’m skeptical. —Diana
I was too. But then exec producer Carol Mendelsohn revealed that Catherine’s exit has already been woven into the fabric of Season 12 and I was made a believer. “The big arc that we have planned for the first 12 episodes is the arc that will take Catherine out,” she said. “And George [Eads] will be very big in that.”

Question: NCIS: LA scoop, merci beaucoup. —Amy
My Russian is terrible but I think you’re asking me for scoop about NCIS: LA. Well, exec producer Shane Brennan tells us that in an early Season 3 episode, “circumstances will dictate” a temporary shuffling of partners — “and they are not happy. People are like, ‘Really? I’m with him?'” Daniela Ruah, meanwhile, raves that the Sept. 20 season opener — which will play out in real time and in which “one of our favorite characters gets shot” — is “one of the fastest episodes I’ve ever read!”

Question: Do you have any hints on what’s to come on the new season of CSI: Miami? —Mayra
Ausiello: The show is taking a page from Dexter‘s warped playbook with a season-long arc about a sadistic serial killer who masquerades as a young, rich, extremely good-looking doctor. The psychopath’s gimmick? He tortures and kills his prey — typically prostitutes — inside his private ambulance. Good times.

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