Switched at Birth: Katie Leclerc and Sean Berdy Preview Summer Finale Surprises

It’s been quite an eventful year on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. New families were discovered. A new romance was born. Long-kept secrets were revealed. And of course, Emmett turned into quite the scene-stealer, even earning actor Sean Berdy a nomination for Teen Choice Breakout Actor.

“I smile every time I hear that I’m a fan favorite or a teenage hottie,” Berdy, who is deaf, writes to TVLine in an email. “It is a nice compliment, and the remarks from the fans are great.”

But what the fans really want — and we got! — is dish about what’s in store for the complicated love triangle among Emmett, Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) in Monday’s summer finale, airing at 9/8c.

“Emmett will do something that the viewers are dying to see,” Berdy says about a scene he thinks will get fans’ hearts racing. We then went to Leclerc, but the actress didn’t want to flesh out the details about her co-star’s juicy tease. “There are fireworks, and some people get heated,” she offers. But both Leclerc and Berdy made up for it with other scoop about Monday night’s big episode, which features a blast from the past.

FATHER & DAUGHTER | The introduction of Brothers & Sisters‘ hunky Gilles Marini as Bay’s biological father, Angelo, will immediately shake things up for the unconventional Kennish/Vasquez family. “He just shows up and jumps right in and starts screwing with everybody’s heads and starts…trying to be involved,” previews Leclerc. His surprise appearance – “He shows up in a very interesting way,” she teases – is a shock to many of the characters, but he’s in for a jolt of his own. “He assumed that he didn’t have any children at all,” explains Leclerc. “So he’s thrown into this big, messed up world of switched families. And he’s also learning that he has a daughter. You have to have some sympathy for his character.” Not that everyone will. While some family members are happy to see him, others will be a lot more conflicted about his return, especially Daphne, who believed he abandoned her as a baby. “This man showing up in Daphne’s life is going to be a huge problem for her,” she says, adding, “Her reaction is very strong to what he does.”

EMMETT & BAY | It’s been no easy road for the new lovebirds, given their communication issues, his mother’s disapproval, and Daphne’s potential feelings. But Berdy is confident that the two have what it takes to last. “Emmett knows how to get around [the obstacles] and is very strong-willed himself,” says the actor. Even more telling, perhaps, is Berdy’s comment that Emmett “is madly in love” with Bay. Even Leclerc is charmed by Emmett’s relationship with her romantic competition. “The scenes between Bay and Emmett are just so sweet,” she says. “He really is so likable and so kind that you can’t help but fall in love with him. You can see where Bay is coming from.”

EMMETT & DAPHNE | Emmett might be smitten with Bay, but Leclerc thinks her character’s got a good chance with Emmett, too. After all, you can’t erase years of friendship and feelings. “I think he’s also madly in love with Daphne,” she says. It just might be “a different kind of love.” That friendship-based love can often make for great romance, but “when you’re in high school, it can [also] completely ruin a friendship,” points out Leclerc. So will Daphne take a chance and ‘fess up to Emmett that she might like him in more than a friendly way? “There are some revealed feelings,” admits Leclerc. “And there are some hurt feelings as well. Some of the things that these characters decide to do in the next episode are pretty surprising.”

Remember those fireworks Leclerc mentioned? There will certainly be some when the truth comes out about Bay and Emmett’s secret relationship. And the aftermath won’t be pretty. According to Berdy, “Things will get bitter between Bay and Daphne throughout the episode.” Leclerc believes it’s important that the girls get over their issues and find ways to love each other “because they’re going to be a part of each other’s lives forever,” she explains. “[The relationship among Emmett, Bay and Daphne] is a love triangle in the truest form. If these people don’t love each other now, they need to learn how to.”

MOTHER & DAUGHTER | Finding out your mother lied to you about being switched at birth is a lot to get over, but Daphne and Regina will “slowly try and rebuild” their relationship. “No matter what happens, your mom will always still be your mom,” says Leclerc. But it won’t be easy journey for the two. “It’s hard because they definitely completely lost that trust,” she continues. “They’re starting on rocky terms.”

Are you excited for tonight’s summer finale? Are you rooting for Daphne and Emmett or Bay and Emmett? And how much do you just love Emmett?