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Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Grey's, The Office, CSI: NY, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Chuck and More!

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Question: I’m looking for some Grey’s Anatomy gossip! Please give me some good (hopefully amazing) Mark and Lexie scoop. —Amy
This is pretty much as good as it gets: Shonda Rhimes tells me that they’re far from over — despite the fact that last season ended with Mark endorsing Lexie’s romance with Jackson. “It’s going to [remain] a viable triangle,” reveals the Grey’s boss. “Mark is trying to move on from Lexie, but there’s inherent comedy there, especially as Jackson tries to pursue a career in plastics” — aka Mark’s specialty.

Question: Parks and Recreation scoop? Give me something, please! —Ignacio
Hot on the heels of the news that Patricia Clarkson would be playing Tammy 1 comes word that the show is now looking for a “name” to play Tammy Zero — Ron’s mother. Though the character’s described as a no-frills all-American farmer type who’s as hard to wow as she is to ignore, I’m thinking slap some gingham on Gilmore Girl Kelly Bishop, and let ’er rip!

Question: Please tell me there will be a showdown between Parks and Recreation‘s Tammy 1 (Patricia Clarkson) and Tammy 2 (Megan Mullally). —Jason
“We will have our fill of the two of them” is all the man at the center of the crazy sandwich, Nick Offerman, would divulge when pressed about a Tammy/Tammy faceoff. (Translation: Hell yes!)

Question: First off, I have the need to let you know exactly how much I loved and appreciated Team TVLine’s hard work at Comic-Con. I loved every scoop, spoiler, video interview, etc. Thanks again for a job excellently done. Now on to more pressing matters: Do you have any idea what Eric Kripke’s involvement with Supernatural will be this season? I do remember reading that he’s still on board as an exec producer, but from all the scoop that came out of Comic-Con I didn’t hear him mentioned once. Is he still on board writing, directing, consulting or anything at all, or has he moved on from the show completely? —Alexandra
He remains involved, but not to the extent he was last season. “Eric was in the room full-time when we were conceiving this season’s mythology,” current showrunner Sera Gamble tells me, “and he continues to consult part-time.” A source adds that there are no current plans for Kripke to write or direct any episodes this season. (Thanks for the Con props! It was all me an amazing group effort.)

Question: Any scoop on Mad Men‘s fifth season? And I do mean any scoop! —Matt
The show is so tight with spoilers that the best we could do is this: Since the AMC hit is casting a teenage concertgoer, it stands to reason that Sally Draper is going to her first concert! What? That didn’t deserve an exclamation point? You said any scoop, Matt.

Question: Can you give us any scoops on last season’s best new comedy, Mike & Molly? —Mark
First off, Happy Endings was last season’s best new comedy. And second, something tells me it won’t go over well if Mike finds out how sexy Molly’s yoga instructor is. How sexy is he? His name is Gianni. ’Nuff said.

Question: CSI: NY scoop! Please, anything about Danny and Lindsay. —Cristina
Be careful what you wish for. Danny’s about to mix it up with a gorgeous rookie cop, an Officer Chambers to be specific. At first, it’s all tension — she screws up, he chews her out. But once the air is cleared… well, it could lead to a whole other kind of tension, if you know what I’m getting at. Or maybe not. “There are no romantic sparks,” insists exec producer Pam Veasey. “But there are flares of a different kind.” Oooh, a riddle! Fun!

Question: Any scoops about the new NCIS season? I am dying to know if there’s something new, something big! — Victoria
Is a new agent big enough for you? Though he won’t be a series regular, the show is adding to the roster a new recurring character, a potentially deadly Fed named Stratton.

Question: Do you have any new Bones scoop to keep me going ’til November? —Kelsey
How about the 411 on one of the series’ first new cases-of-the-week? My intel tells me it’ll revolve around a toy company exec who was offed by one of the following: her sharky boss, for threatening to strike out on her own; her shifty brother, whom she busted for stealing from the company; or someone else who hopefully can also be described by a word that starts with the letters “s” and “h.”

Question: Will we see Booth’s son Parker this season on Bones? — Sally
Yes, but not initially. Parker will resurface in the spring to meet his new little brother (or sister).

Question: I am giving you the Disney eyes.… Please, please give me a Community scoop revolving around Jeff/Annie. Or just anything on Community. — Raksha
Hmm… those look a lot more like crazy-ass eyes to me than Disney eyes. But then, maybe that’s appropriate, considering that I’m about to tell you Episode 4 will introduce Todd Jacobson, who seems to be an utterly milquetoast Greendale student — all Disney-eyed and stuff. That is, until he’s pushed too far… Then, I suspect, crazy-ass eyes will come into play.

Question: Do you have any scoop on The Good Wife? Preferably about Alicia and Peter. —Muriel
Yes — scoop! But no — not about Alicia and Peter. (Maybe next time….) Owen, it seems, is about to see his love life pick up. In an upcoming episode, in fact, Jackie interrupts a particularly titillating conversation between Alicia’s kid brother and a hot philosophy professor named Bon. (Jovi not included.)

Question: Any Law & Order: SVU scoop? — Craig
The show’s rotating line-up of lawyers could be about to grow. Though nothing’s set in stone yet in terms of the role being recurring, producers are on the hunt for a middle-aged actor to play an attorney who’s reputed to be the most dependable in Manhattan. (Not necessarily the most scrupulous, but definitely the most effective.) Something tells me this one’s gonna go to a “name.”

Question: I love that Up All Night is beefing up Maya Rudolph’s roleand making her a talk show host! Any more deets on the revamp? —Kristen
Mmmhmm. Now, not only is Rudolph’s Ava going to be a talk show host, but that talk show host is going to have a co-host — Calvin, a twentysomething African-American fashion plate whose popularity leaves her seeing green. If ever there was a role that called for Community’s Donald Glover to be cloned, this is it. Science people, get on that, quick!

Question: I am aware that this question doesn’t exactly correspond with the purpose of AA, but I need an answer. Twitter and Google have failed me and I seem to have misplaced you personal e-mail address, so tell me: Where on earth do you find awesome tees like this and this? —Tricia
My Comic-Con wardrobe was provided by the fine folks over at Threadless.com. And by “provided by” I mean I ordered them online at full price. But I’m not bitter. Oh, and I’m sorry you, ahem, misplaced my personal e-mail address. Here it is again: youneverhadmyemailaddressbutnicetry@Iwasntbornyesterday.com. Don’t lose it this time!

Question: I just started watching Chuck this summer and love it and am really sad that will be the final season. Speaking of which, it really sucks that there will only be 13 episodes.  Any chance TPTB will give them at least a few more episodes? —Sarah
Let me just put this out there: A back-nine pickup would bring the show’s total episode haul to a clean 100, the traditional threshold for syndication. Let me also put this out there: NBC president Robert Greenblatt told me on Monday that it’s probably not going to happen. “[The 13-episode order] is pretty much set in stone,” he maintained. “They’re designing the season to [build toward] a series finale.”

Question: How does the Buy More fit into this season’s Chuck? —Gabe
Chuck’s now the owner, which means “when his spy agency isn’t doing well, the Buy More might be the only profit center for his company,” explains exec producer Chris Fedak. “It’s important that the Buy More does well, so Chuck’s trying to figure out a way to make it into a successful store.” His first priority: Creating an awesome promotional campaign. “There’s a new commercial with the face of the Buy More, Captain Awesome,” says Fedak. “He’s the most successful salesman Chuck knows.” He’s certainly better than the store’s previous spokesmodel, as viewers will discover firsthand. Reveals Fedak: “We see the original Buy More commercial that Big Mike starred in back in 1981.”

Question: I could use some Vampire Diaries scoop. —Jake
Jeremy won’t be the only one affected by Vicki’s “return” from the dead. “Matt is struggling with the lingering [supernatural] element in his dead sister, who’s popping up to Jeremy,” says exec producer Julie Plec. “We’ll get to see Matt struggle with, ‘My dead sister is paying visits to my ex-girlfriend’s brother, who used to sleep with my dead sister.'” Meh. Been there, done that.

Question: What’s happening in Dunder Mifflinland (aka The Office)? —Chris
Jim and Pam are expecting Baby No. 2, but that’s old news. Here’s some new news: The li’l one was conceived on Valentine’s Day! “It happened in the episode where we were dared to have sex in the office,” reveals the dad-to-be, John Krasinski. “We find out that’s when she got pregnant. Boom.”

Question: Is there any chance that Daryl could turn out to be the new manager on The Office? —Pam
There’s a chance, but my spies say it’s very unlikely. The frontrunners to succeed Michael remain Dwight, Jim and Andy. Speaking of Daryl, rumor has it he’s at the center of one of the show’s funniest plots ever. Actually, it’s not so much a rumor since it came directly from Krasinski himself. “The warehouse wins the lottery and they all quit,” he says. “It’s pretty awesome. But Daryl wasn’t in the warehouse, so he doesn’t get to quit, and he’s super bummed. I think that’s one of the best plotlines we’ve had in a while.”

Question: Any Parenthood intel on Adam-Kristina? —Dave
Ausiello: Their relationship will be fraught with more tension than usual when the show returns. “We pick up five months from where we left off, so Kristina is now seven months pregnant,” previews exec producer Jason Katims. “Adam has not yet found a job, so it’s kind of topsy-turvy. Kristina actually got a job [during the time jump], even though she’s seven months pregnant, and Adam still is unemployed. And that’s the tension going on in the beginning.” But before you can say “recipe for disaster,” Adam decides to go into business with his brother. “He gets lured into this idea that Crosby has,” says Katims. “It’s going to be fun of seeing Adam as a fish out of water in Crosby’s world. I love that relationship. The scenes where it’s just the two of those guys sitting in the burger joint talking are some of my favorite scenes. So I’m really glad we’ll be able to spend a lot of time with the two of them.”

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