Entourage Crew Weighs In on Series-Ending Sadness and Their Possible Big-Screen Romp

Vinny Chase & Co. are officially back in action on HBO’s Entourage (Sundays at 10:30/9:30c), so what can fans look forward to throughout the remainder of its final season? When creators Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg, as well as the cast of TV’s most notorious boys club, dropped by the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills, no topic was off limits — including that buzzed-about big-screen take on the showbizzy series.

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Guys Just Wanna Have Fun | When all is said and done, the consensus is that Entourage will be remembered for exactly what it was — a fun ride. “I really wanted [the finale] to have a feeling more than anything else,” Ellin explained. “To leave … the audience feeling like they loved hanging with these guys.” The series-ender is “not open-ended,” adding that there are “no major deaths” during the final season. Instead, expect “a vibe of where we were back in year one.”

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do | …especially when it’s with an eight-year-old series. “We’re all choked up,” Adrian Grenier expressed. “It’s not only sad to say goodbye to each other, but to what we created.” Added Kevin Connolly, “It’s been hard…. And as we sit here right now, this is literally the last time we’ll all be together for this show.” Jerry Ferrara called the ending “very, very bittersweet for me.”

A Golden Opportunity | Jeremy Piven — who brought Ari Gold, the series’ most iconic character, to life, amassing three Emmys along the way — said, “This season feels like our best. It’s so gratifying to finish this way. Ari has always been such a reactive character, and to humanize him in this last year was a gift that Doug gave to me.”

Ready for Takeoff | Kevin Dillon accidentally divulged that the series’ very final scene was shot at the Van Nuys airport — so make what you will of that tiny scooplet.

Men on Film | So, about that movie…. Wahlberg revealed that he is definitely on board with an eventual Entourage flick. “I’ve said that if I have to finance it myself, I’ll do it,” he joked. “I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film.” Providing a more definitive answer — and likening the possible end product to a Hangover-style lark —  Ellin said, “We’re gonna do a movie. It’s just a question of when and how quick… and then we’ll make it happen.”