Dexter @ Comic-Con: He's Come Unplugged!

Once Showtime’s Dexter Comic-Con panel got out of the way the business of revealing the dark drama’s Season 6 premiere date, it was time for the cast and producers to take a stab (so to speak) at sating the fans’ thirst for scoop on the coming cycle.

TVLine was on hand for the Dexter discussion, and here are the highlights.

You Gotta Have Faith | As TVLine told you earlier this week, Dexter’s big battle this season is going to involve religion in a big way. “He starts this journey that snowballs into a huge, huge evolved plot for the season,” executive producer Sara Colleton explained. “It’s initiated by his desire to define faith, which is by its very nature indefinable. And it’s done in true Dexter style, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Bad Ass-itude | When asked how Dexter is coping post-Rita’s death and Lumen’s departure in Season 6, Hall responded, “He’s pretty much completely unplugged from [those] experiences, and back to his killing ways.” Translation: Dexter is a badass again.

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New Blood | Colin Hanks was on hand for some Comic-Con fun, and is fully aware of the secrecy that comes with joining a show like this. “I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement in the Dexter program,” the actor deadpanned. “I really can give away too much. If I may be so bold as to say this as someone who wasn’t on the past five years: You’re going to see some stuff this season that you have not seen in previous seasons… And I may or may not be a part of that.” Later he threw in that his scenes “have mainly been with [Edward James] Olmos,” which, if you take a look at the Season 6 promo (below), reveals a whole lot.

Mos-t Awesome | Season 6 guest star Mos [né Def] popped up on stage halfway through the panel, and when asked about his secretive character, Brother Sam, he’d only say, “Well, I could [divulge], but then Dexter would kill me.” Guess he and Hanks have been exchanging notes.

Secret Unveiled? | If you’re hoping Deb gets introduced to Dexter’s Dark Passenger this year, new showrunner Scott Buck has a revealing — if not disappointing — tease for you: “Deb is very smart, but Dexter’s smarter.” And what about his rival, Quinn? “Dexter is definitely smarter.”

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Growing Pains | C.S. Lee said that “Masuka has some interns come up this year — women and men. [And] he does maybe, possibly get into some trouble with them.” FYI: There will be a Masuka/intern-themed Facebook game this season, so keep an eye out on the show’s official page for details.

Wedded Bliss? | Did Lee also reveal a major series-ending plot point during his Con panel? “My favorite season is yet to come… because Masuka and Debra still have to get married,” he teased.

What Ifs | When asked how he thinks Batista will react if he ever discovers Dexter’s grim hobby, David Zayas says, “I think it would be shocking, but you never know what you’re going to do when you’re faced with a certain situation.” Lee then interjected, “If Masuka ever finds out, he would be so scared, he would laugh and then pass out.”

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Beginning of the End? | Sure, Colleton told TVLine there’s no end in sight when it comes to Dexter, but Hall offered, “Everybody involved has their vague-to-specific notions as to how things might end, but we’ve yet to come to that time where we have to pin it down.” But, he said, “That time will come.”

Watch the brand-new promo for Dexter Season 6:

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