Exclusive: Law & Order: SVU Takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal

The only thing the Arnold Schwarzenegger love-child scandal was missing was a crime. And now Law & Order: SVU is taking care of that.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the lone remaining L&O is plotting an episode this fall loosely inspired by the real-life drama involving the secret son Schwarzenegger fathered with a member of his household staff.

In the SVU version, Schwarzenegger’s doppelganger is Andrew Raines, a charming, seductive Master of the Universe-esque philanthropist in his 50s who is part of one of New York’s royal families. His wife, Kathleen, is (duh) the Maria Shriver of the piece: charming, charismatic and fiercely protective of her family. She’s the perfect match for her perfect husband, though unlike him, she is not afraid to get down and dirty when attacked.

That trait will come in handy when she discovers that her hubby had an affair with someone in their inner circle, a romance that produced — yep, you guessed it — a bastard. It’s unclear where the sex crime comes in, but an insider tells me it involves the golden couple’s wealthy, entitled son, Tripp.

A show rep declined to comment, except to say, “SVU is fiction.”

The episode is slated to air early in the show’s upcoming 13th season, which kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c.