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Good Wife Season 3 Scoop: Hotel Hook-Up Aftermath, Plus Will's Blast from the Past

It was an “exceptional” moment on Thursday morning when CBS’ The Good Wife netted nine Emmy nominations, the most of any broadcast network drama series. (The next closest was Friday Night Lights, with four.) But what good is all that prospective gold if no one knows to find you in a new time slot come Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9/8c? Series co-creators Robert and Michelle King trust that the wealth of Emmy love will help them on that and other fronts as the new season draws near.

“We start shooting [on Friday], so for the cast to come in with that kind of jacked feel is a real lift,” says Robert. “But I’m also hoping it gives us another layer of attention for [moving to] Sundays.”

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That Good Wife has drawn Emmy’s eye over its first two seasons is a bit of a surprise for the married showrunners, who didn’t foresee the legal/relationship drama as being awards-show bait. “It never even crossed my mind, one way or the other,” says Michelle. Adds Robert, “It’s not something we thought was even possible” – if only because “the emphasis on awards is moving more towards cable [dramas].”

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Of its six acting nominations, first-timer Josh Charles’ arrival in the Supporting Actor race most pleases the Kings. “I’ve loved him since Sports Night,” says Robert, “so it was a joy to see someone who I think has been doing very subtle work be acknowledged.”

It must also be acknowledged that Good Wife will have its hands full this fall battling NBC’s primetime football lineup and those intermittently frothy Housewives, all while at times getting time-shifted by CBS’ own Sunday NFL match-ups. What do the Kings have planned to hold onto its audience if not grow it? Here’s the sneak peek Robert gave us.

‘EXCEPTIONAL’ AFTERMATH | Those who were rooting for the Alicia/Will hook-up that came at Season 2’s end needn’t worry about any pesky “time jump” skipping (too much of) the good stuff. Instead, Season 3 picks up almost continuously. As for whether this was a one-time romp to get it out of their angsty systems, or the start of something more, “That’s one of the questions of the first episode, so I don’t know if we can answer that without people not needing to tune in on Sunday,” King says. But this much is certain: “Most of Alicia’s life doesn’t get easier, it gets more complicated – and not in any Perils of Pauline way.”

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BLAST FROM THE PAST | As speculated by TVLine, the character being played by House alum Lisa Edelstein will figure into the embezzlement secret from Will’s past — “although hopefully in ways you wouldn’t expect,” says King. “She is someone who knows Will from his first law firm, and they have this strong relationship.” Um, how strong…? Could she become a fourth (fifth?) wheel in Good Wife‘s romantic mishigas? “We can always do with more wheels!” King laughs. “But I shouldn’t say that’s our intent at this point, because there are so many other fish to fry.”

DIANE’S BIGGER DEAL | Speaking of Emmy nominees: Christine Baranski will lay claim to a bigger story as Season 3 gets underway — which is of course great news for Good Wife. “Because Diane was on the outside of this [Will/Alicia/Peter] love triangle, we felt like she may not have been as central to the plot last year as she will be this year,” King admits. “But Christine Baranski is someone who is going to be the core of one of the plot threads this year. Diane is trying to figure out what is the next step in her life, and that will force a lot of issues at the law firm.”

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But wait, there’s more Good stuff: Coming soon to TVLine, the scoop on the emotional storyline ahead for Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda, plus what Peter taking over the State’s Attorney office means for Matt Czuchry’s Cary.