Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Fringe, The Good Wife, Bones, Entourage, Burn Notice and More!

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Question: Will Peter come back in Season 4 of Fringe? Will Olivia find out the existence of Fauxlivia’s son? And, if so, how will she react? —Silvia
I don’t have any concrete answers to those questions, but my gut is telling me probably, eventually and not well. Meanwhile, sources confirm that producers are casting a new recurring female character. Interested actresses should be Asian and between the age of 25 and 50. Got casting tips? Hit the comments. I’ll get you started: Ming-Na!

Question: Any more intel on Lisa Edelstein’s Good Wife role? Do you know the nature of her past connection to Will? —Tara
I’m hearing she’s his ex — professionally speaking. They were once partners at the same law firm.

Question: Are we gonna get a Bones Christmas episode this season? They had one in Season 5, but not in Season 6. So I think it’s time dust off the mistletoe! —Hanna
At this point, “nothing’s planned,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “But since we will be airing in the middle of December, we might toss in a snowman or something. Could be a nice murder, thawing out Frosty and finding the clues in a puddle of water.” You mess with Frosty, you mess with my childhood. Tread lightly, Nathan. Tread lightly.

Question: Will we see Michael’s brother Nate on Burn Notice this season? —Jason
Michael’s dumbass sib actually resurfaces in this Thursday’s episode with a new title: daddy! “He has a kid now” with new bride Ruth, previews series creator Matt Nix. “It’s just another thing Michael is dealing with. We really like having Seth [Petersen] around and part of this whole season is just dealing with who Michael is vis-à-vis his family and the people that he cares about. Nate is part of that.”

Question: Anything on the current season of The Glades? I’ll take anything. —Emily
Vampire Diaries‘ Kayla Ewell is squeezing in a Glades guest spot before she resumes work on the CW hit. The actress will play a Miami bartender who may have ties to a man found murdered at the beach. And by “ties to” I mean “murdered in cold blood.”

Question: Does the news that Chord Overstreet will not be a series regular on Glee next season have anything to do with this Blind Item? —Chris
No, it sure doesn’t!

Question: There is a rumor that Jayma Mays is leaving Glee too. Please say it ain’t so! —Nicky
It ain’t so! Mays’ contract option was definitely picked up. And to all those inquiring about the status of Ashley Fink, her rep assures me that she will be back on a recurring basis next season.

Question: It’s almost that time of the summer where we reunite with Vince and the guys for the final time. Got an Entourage scoop? —Peter C.
Got several. The premiere picks up three months after Vince got busted for cocaine possession, with Drama, Turtle and Eric preparing for his release from rehab. Their meal ticket’s readjustment to sober living proves to be far more challenging for them than it does for Vince himself, especially when it comes to planning his alcohol-free homecoming bash. (I’ve got two words for you: Reverse. Intervention.) And if anyone could use a stiff drink it’s Eric, whose on-again/off-again relationship/engagement with Sloan is once again off… for now anyway. Ari, meanwhile, has a new archenemy, and he looks a lot like the guy pictured here.

Question: I was really starting to love Sarah Jane Morris on NCIS. Does USA Networks’ decision to pick up Common Law mean that EJ won’t be back? —Chris
Morris only appears as a guest star in the Law pilot, so one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Question: Damages. Scoop? —James
For the first time in the show’s history, producers have the freedom to end Season 4 (premiering July 13) with a doozy of a cliffhanger since DirecTV has already picked the show up for a fifth season. But exec producer Glenn Kessler tells me they plan to stick to their successful finale formula, wherein “we bring closer to the central case but [tease] that there’s more in the relationship between Patty and Ellen.” Kessler, meanwhile, says he already has an endgame in mind for the eventual series finale. “It revolves around the Patti-Ellen relationship,” he reveals. “We always envisioned the series as being an exploration of that relationship, and we have a sense of what the endpoint of that relationship would be. And once we know we’re going to end the series, we will end that relationship in a way that’s satisfying and hopefully enjoyable for the audience.”

Question: Is Supernatural the answer to your recent blind item about a hit show taking a flying leap? —Meredith

Question: How’s your pilot watching coming? Any recommendations? —Heath
I made a ton of headway on Pilot Watch 2011 over the long July 4th weekend, and here’s my Top 10 so far*:

1. Awake (midseason)
2. Smash (midseason)
3. Suburgatory
4. A Gifted Man
5. 2 Broke Girls
6. Once Upon a Time
7. Terra Nova
8. Alcatraz (midseason)
9. Pan Am
10. Revenge

Keep in mind, I have yet to watch such buzzy offerings as Prime Suspect, Grimm, Ringer, Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle, so this list will likely be tweaked in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, Matt Mitovich recently started rolling out his own Fall TV First Impressions — and he actually uses sentences and stuff. First up: NBC’s Playboy Club and The CW’s Ringer.

Question: I can’t be the only one who is tired of the Neal/Peter tension on White Collar, right? Are they going to resolve this frakkin’ issue soon, or are they going to drag is out all season? I want to see the Neal/Peter friendship and camaraderie back. —Scott
Considering that the episode they’re currently shooting revolves around the treasure mystery, I’m betting the tension will persist at least through the midseason finale  “This [episode] has a lot to do with the treasure,” confirms Tim DeKay. “Some questions will be answered, and some may not.”

Question: So Castle and Josh finally get into it on Castle! Amazing! But is it physical blows or just a shouting match? Please tell me it’s physical! —Kelis
It’s physical!

Question: Any scoop on Kristen Bell’s new Showtime series House of Lies? —Karen
The show is casting a love interest for her character, and producers are looking for a twentysomething actor with a dirty sexy rocker vibe who’s comfortable with simulated intercourse, tasteful nudity and endless comparisons to Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Question: I’ll take a Falling Skies scooplet, please. It’s my new obsession. —David
We’ll bear witness to the 2nd Massachusetts’ suffers its first major casualty in this Sunday’s episode when [spoiler] gets *a**** by an *.*.

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