Exclusive: House Boss On Finale Fallout: House Wasn't Trying To Kill Cuddy

House may be a lunatic but he is not a murderer. That’s House creator David Shore’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Nearly two weeks after Hugh Laurie’s demented doc crashed his car into Cuddy’s living room in the show’s polarizing season finale, Shore maintains that House was not out for blood — but he realizes some viewers were left with that impression.

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“I’m aware of that reaction [and], though it’s not universal, it’s something we have to think about,” Shore told TVLine following Thursday’s WGA Foundation event, Inside the Writers Room With House. “It wasn’t intended. He was clearly doing something crazy and visceral, but he wasn’t trying to kill. If you watch the episode closely enough, [Cuddy and Co.] are leaving the room before he drives into that room. He sees that.

“Second of all,” Shore continues, “when he leaves, he says [to Wilson], ‘You’re right. I do feel better.’ And he does feel better, which to me means he got what he wanted out of that. He did intend to lash out. He did intend to hurt her, but not physically. He got what he wanted, which was to strike a blow against her world. Certainly, it was crazy and irresponsible and dangerous, but it wasn’t an attempt to murder her.”

Thoughts? Which side of this debate do you fall on? And has your opinion changed in the two weeks since the finale aired? Hit the comments!