The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Coming to your screen this week: no less than 30 season finales. (Consider your DVR warned!) So as but a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way, here is a rundown of all the season-ending questions you should anticipate — plus four “regular” shows to keep on your radar.

8/7c Chuck (NBC) |
Will Sarah survive the Norseman attack? (I hope so, or else Season 5 is going to be a real buzzkill.)
8 pm 90210 (The CW) | Will Nay graduate along with the rest of the gang?
8 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS) | At whose wedding does best man Ted meet The Mother?
8:30 pm Mad Love (CBS) | What will air in this time slot come September?
9 pm Gossip Girl (The CW) | What life-changing decision does Blair make? And what brings Georgina slithering back to town?
10 pm Castle (ABC) | Who won’t survive Beckett’s latest probing into her mother’s murder?
10 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | Will Wo Fat end the Five-0 team — or vice versa?

8/7c NCIS (CBS) |
Just how many agents is P2P gonna kill? And who knew Jack McPhee had it in him?
8 pm Glee (Fox) | Who’s passing on in this penultimate episode, titled “Funeral”?
8 pm One Tree Hill (The CW) | Will Brooke and Julian have their baby? Can the boys rescue Rivercourt?
9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) | Where’d Hetty get that cool switchbladey-gun thingy?
9 pm Hellcats (The CW) | Can we get a visceral dose of cheerleading before it’s too late?
9 pm Raising Hope (Fox) | How freakin’ funny is this flashback to Jimmy’s days as a goth teen? (Spoiler: Very!)
9:30 pm Breaking In (Fox) | What happens when Mike Tyson guest-stars? For one, Michael Rosenbaum told me, Dutch gets to reprise his “Fay-ace!” catchphrase.
10 pm The Good Wife (CBS) | Will Alicia and Will take a certain 1989 Aerosmith hit to heart?

9/8c Criminal Minds (CBS) |
What brings JJ back to the BAU? And why does Hotch seem to be offering everyone a golden parachute in the promo?
9 pm America’s Next Top Model (The CW) | What does the winner wind up going on to do…? Like, what, Flava’s Rock Of Love Bus 12?
10 pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC) | Who’s gonna die?

8/7c American Idol (Fox) |
Who will get voted into the finals?
8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | What is the larger, unexpected ramification of Raj becoming Sheldon’s new roommate?
8:30 pm Rules of Engagement (CBS) | Is Russell going to hook up with Herb Tarlek’s wife?!
9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | Will Meredith lose her job? And her newly official husband?
9 pm Bones (Fox) | Will we find out if B&B B&Boinked?
9 pm The Office (NBC) | Where’d Steve Carell go? Did he leave the show? Will one of the finale’s 43 guest stars replace him?
9 pm The Mentalist (CBS) | Who is Red John’s CBI mole? And what will go down when Jane comes face-to-face with his arch nemesis?
10 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Episode 1: Just how badly does Ben embarrass himself in front of Leslie’s mom? Episode 2: Why is the title “Li’l Sebastian”? (Actually, you don’t want the answer to that.)
10 pm Private Practice (ABC) | Is Oceanside Wellness shutting its doors? And what is new cast member Benjamin Bratt up to, other than macking on Addison?

8/7c Supernatural (The CW) |
How’s it going to be when Sam’s wall comes a-tumbling down?

8/7c Chase (NBC) |
Did you know that Kelli Giddish has been appearing The Good Wife, and that Amaury Nolasco’s ABC comedy just got picked up for fall?
11:30 pm Saturday Night Live (NBC) | Will Justin Timberlake bring the “Box” back, if not sexy? Might Lady Gaga wear something zany?

9/8c Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (CBS) |
Do you think Jesse and Frank Reagan are buddies?
9 pm The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC) | Who will be named winner of perhaps the last-ever Trump-hosted boardroom?
10 pm The Killing (AMC) | A TVLine reader was right: this tease reads the same every week. But we’re here, so…. “The police’s attempt to make an arrest hits a roadblock, while Rosie’s folks think about taking matters into their own hands.”
10 pm The Borgias (Showtime) | Will Charles do a solid for Pope Alexander and help save his papacy? And how cool a word is “papacy”?

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