Desperate Housewives Finale Preview: Is a Tom/Lynette Divorce Inevitable?

During seven years of Desperate Housewives, Tom and Lynette Scavo have weathered surprise children, cancer, numerous job changes and depression. But their biggest challenge may end up being each other as the season comes to a close Sunday at 9/8c on ABC. Now that Tom is the corporate hot shot bringing home the bacon, Lynette’s feeling uneasy about her husband’s new power-induced personality change. Is their marriage doomed? TVLine spoke with Tom’s portrayer, Doug Savant, to get the scoop on the killer two-hour climax.

TVLINE | How is the show going to up the ante for this year’s finale?
The Tom and Lynette characters are in a place that we’ve never seen them in before. That is how they’re really upping the ante because these two characters are pushing the limits with each other in their current power struggle conflict.

TVLINE | Do you think one of them is right and one of them is wrong? Or do you try not to take sides?
You’ll excuse me if I see things from Tom’s perspective, but of course, I think Tom’s right. [Laughs] For seven years, we’ve seen this guy really do everything he could possibly do to please his wife. He has taken a backseat to her. He’s supported her. He’s endured what she’s sabotaged – his promotions at work. He gave up certain dreams of going back to college and what have you. This year, when she pushed the button and said he’s forty-six-years-old and that he’s not really accomplished anything in his life, he made a firm commitment to change that. And now he has. The questions circling this storyline are really, What happens when you get everything you wanted, but yet, it’s not what you expected? It’s happening for Lynette with Tom. He’s really become everything she ever wanted. Yet, it’s not what she expected.

TVLINE | Are they going to take some steps in the finale toward repairing their marriage?
Yeah, in the finale, we start with a vacation to begin working on our marriage by going to a bed and breakfast. I can firmly say that. That’s where it starts.

TVLINE | I’m guessing it’s not exactly a relaxing B&B vacation.

Here’s the great thing… These people have had a profound love for each other for a good 20 years of marriage. So it’s not that easy. It is intense. I think they’re working desperately toward finding common ground and reconciliation. Neither one of these characters is giving up on this marriage.

TVLINE | Does that mean the dreaded D-word isn’t brought up?
I can say this: I sure hope not. I’ve been very proud of the fact that [this has been] a representation of what a good marriage might look like to most of America. I think that’s exceptional television. I think why audiences connect with this couple is because they see themselves in it. I’ll tell you this – I’m certainly rooting for Tom and Lynette.

TVLINE | Would you say Tom and Lynette reach a mutual decision about what to do at the end of the finale? Or should we prepare for a cliffhanger?
They have some uneasy closure, but there is some closure. So it isn’t as though you’re going to be left frustrated with the ending, but… I’ll leave it at that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you tease about what else is going on in the episode outside of Tom and Lynette?
There’s just hilarity. As besets a Desperate Housewives ending, there’s lots of – how do I put this? – sexual dalliances happening. [Laughs] There’s sex/relationship problems and murder.

TVLINE | Are we saying goodbye to a recurring character or a regular?

Let’s just put it this way – it’s a significant character.

TVLINE | Your wife, Laura Leighton, is on Pretty Little Liars. Do you ever talk about coming over to each other’s shows? They’re both in the ABC family…
I love my wife, so I would love working with my wife. If she would come over to Wisteria Lane, I would happily have her there. And if they were interested in me coming over to whatever street the Pretty Little Liars live on [laughs] I would go over there. But at this time, there’s not. It’s just a blessing to both be working on shows that we not only have a great experience working on, but are very, very popular.

Are you hoping Tom and Lynette work things out? Or should they call it quits? And who you do think is getting murdered?