Scoop: Why Bones Killed a 'Beloved' Character

[The following story contains a major spoiler from this Thursday’s episode of Fox’s Bones.]

Here’s a fun little factoid: Did you know that there are at least 17 TV characters dying during this May sweeps period? And on this week’s Bones, one of those ill-fated folks met their end when – spoiler alert – former sniper Broadsky took out factoid-spouting squintern Vincent Nigel Murray (played by Ryan Cartwright) with a bullet intended for Booth.

As Booth desperately tried to put pressure on the bleeding wound and Brennan admitted that Vincent was her favorite, the lab rat begged “the universe” to let him stay. Alas, his time in the Bones universe came to an end.

The decision to kill off Vincent was in part a practical one influenced by the fact that Cartwright’s Syfy pilot, Alphas, got picked up to series. “The truth is he got a job,” series creator Hart Hanson explained at a Paley Center panel for the show, held earlier this week. “We knew [his exit] would happen before the end of this season, so the story has been in the works for a while. We knew that one of our squints, who are [played by] very, very talented actors, would get a job.”

The Jeffersonian assistant’s offing was also designed to give Bones viewers a punch in the gut. (Not to mention, it led Booth and Brennan into bed together, to do… something!) “He’s a well-beloved character… probably the favorite squint of the audience,” Hanson posited, “so we decided to kill him for the heartbreak.”

Well, consider Mission: Heartbreak accomplished. Even the Fox series’ cast found themselves wrecked by the loss. “Vincent is such a sweet character,” said Emily Deschanel, who shared that filming the death scene was “emotional.” “It’s just so heartbreaking. You love the character. You love the actor. I think he’s so talented.”

Did you predict that Vincent would be the one to die? Will you miss him? What did you think of his final scene?

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