HIMYM Post Mortem: Jennifer Morrison, Josh Radnor Weigh In on the (Sad?) Ted/Zoey Split

Zoey, we hardly knew ye.

Actually, we did get to know Jennifer Morrison‘s How I Met Your Mother alter ego pretty well over her lengthy guest spot on the CBS sitcom, and honestly, we’re still not quite sure how we feel about the environmental guru. But as of this Monday night, she and Ted are officially kaput, and we had the pleasure of being on set for the divine Miss M’s departure.

Here’s what the House alumna and onscreen ex Josh Radnor had to say about their “emotional” goodbye, and whether they’d ever hoped Zoey might actually be the titular mystery mom.

TVLINE | How are the two of you feeling about Zoey’s How I Met Your Mother exit?
Morrison: I don’t think it’s real. [Laughs] I feel so at home here. It’s weird to think that I’m not coming back every week. When we shot the breakup, we all thought that this was really depressing.
Radnor: Jennifer and I “broke up” last night, and it was actually really sad because I’m sad to see her go. I like having her around, she’s great.

TVLINE | Would you say that the actual breakup was a fitting goodbye for the embattled duo?
Morrison: I think so. In life, there are those relationships where you really love someone, but they’re just not right for you and there’s a little bittersweet feel to it. But still, you know you’re doing the right thing. [Editor’s Note: Morrison’s Zoey makes a brief appearance in the season finale airing Monday, May 16.]

TVLINE | Did you ever think that Zoey might actually become “the mother” — even though the odds were stacked against that theory?
Morrison: I’m a fan of the show and had been watching from the beginning, so I’d done the math from all of the clues and felt like it would be really difficult to justify Zoey being the mom. If she’d been married to The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) that long, it’d be impossible for her to have been Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) roommate. So, I had a feeling that Zoey wasn’t the mother, but it was just such a natural fit that I never wanted to leave. “I don’t have to be the mother, just make me their buddy!” [Laughs]
Radnor: I don’t really know what I thought. I don’t obsess over those questions like most people do because for me it’s better to play a character forward and a little more naively because that’s what the character is going through. I don’t have the insight that Narrator Ted has. One of the nice things about the show is that we revealed a few episodes back that Zoey and Ted split up and that it did not go well, so we knew it was coming. A lot of the show is about accepting change, and this season in particular has been about growing up, saying goodbye to childish things — like a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

TVLINE | Now, Josh, the ultimate question: Will Ted ever find true love? And do you look forward to being able to play that?
Radnor: I feel very close to Ted. He’s someone I care about and I want him to be OK, I want him to land on his feet. So from that perspective, I hope someone — whether it’s the mother or not — shows up when she’s supposed to, and everything works out.

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