Private Practice Wedding Scoop and Photos: Charlotte's Big Day Will Get 'Very Complicated'!

Charlotte and Cooper’s wedding day will be very much a reflection of the couple’s roller-coaster romance, says Private Practice star KaDee Strickland.

“We’ve had a very big year, the two of us as characters, and [Paul Adelstein and I] as actors have had just a really incredible year with good stuff to chew on,” Strickland tells TVLine. “The wedding episode is no less interesting, trust me.” The actress adds with a laugh, “It’s a lot of fun.”

Airing Thursday, May 5 (the same night that Callie and Arizona are due to trade vows on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy), Private Practice‘s wedding won’t be without its share of anxiety. “Of course there are hiccups!” Strickland reports. After all, she notes, “It’s Shondaland.”

Since Charlotte and Cooper have endured so much, what glitch could keep ’em from getting hitched? You may want to cast a wary eye on the episode’s three guest stars — Cristine Rose (Heroes) and John Rothman as the groom’s folks, and Tess Harper (Tender Mercies) playing the mother of the bride.b”The parents aren’t big endorsers of their children’s choices,” Strickland shares, “so it gets very interesting, and very complicated.”

Check out these photos from the potentially perfect nuptials! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)