Preview: Lady Heather Returns to CSI - With Ties to Big Bad Nate Haskell?

Lady Heather rears her ugly gorgeous head on CSI this Thursday (CBS, 9/8c), but why the unexpected encore? The vexing vixen — played by Nikita‘s Melinda Clarke — is back for two reasons: to solve a strange crime, and to provide insider knowledge on that “evil” DNA gene that Langston (Laurence Fishburne) shares with MIA murderer Nate Haskell (returning guest star Bill Irwin).

Of course, we already knew that Haskell’s season-ending reappearance is right around the corner, but here’s the twist: It’s Clarke’s sixth CSI guest spot that actually kick-starts this intense, killer arc.

Lost Favorite Lands on CSI – With Family Ties

Former team leader Grissom’s sexually charged lady friend — who now goes by “Dr. Kessler” and is the proud recipient of a Ph.D. — shows up to help Sara and the Vegas CSIs solve an unusual case involving “human pets” (a real thing!). But as Jorja Fox puts it, “Lady Heather manages to get Langston — who she hadn’t previously met — under her thumb in four words or less. She hooks into him, seeing him as a new someone she can take on.”

And make no mistake, Sara knows all too well of this woman’s specific wiles.

Indeed, there are methods (and ulterior motives) to Lady Heather’s madness. “She is very educated on Langston’s history with Nate Haskell,” Clarke tells TVLine. “She knows he’s struggling with this ‘warrior’ gene and sees that something in him is absolutely boiling underneath. So, Lady Heather offers her help, unsolicited — but he’s not very receiving of it.”

CSI Exclusive: Nate Haskell Returns!

Following Lady Heather’s one-episode appearance, Fox reveals that the Nate Haskell arc “is rising, and it’s going to be scary” when the elusive killer turns up… again. Says the actress, “We’re going to get really into [Langston’s struggle] in the next couple of episodes.”

Oh, and if you’re hoping that a Grissom-based catfight will breakout between Sara and Lady H, brace yourselves. “You might feel a little bit of cattiness,” Clarke teases with a laugh, though Fox promises that’s the extent of it. “I could never say that Sara likes Lady Heather,” says the CSI vet, “but there’s a level of respect there.”

Don’t miss Clarke on CSI Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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  1. rb says:

    I am tired of Nate Haskell, and even more tired of the Ray character.

  2. mes says:

    @ Agreed rb

  3. mes says:

    Can’t wait to see Heather again, I just pray they don’t go overboard with Ray/Heather

  4. mamamimi says:

    I am so tired of Haskell and Langston–sort of like yesterday’s newspaper wrapped around old fish!
    Lady Heather is usually a good one!

  5. Scott says:

    When are we going to see the TV talk Podcast reunited?

  6. dan says:

    Ugh. Haskell should just kill Langston and commit suicide after that. Really, they’re old news. Now, who’s the next woman to come? That anthropologist from season one? LOL

  7. RP says:

    Melinda Clarke is so awesome. Love her on Nikita (new episode tomorrow!) too. If you have to get typecast, brilliant, dangerous, and sexy isn’t such a bad rap!

  8. Graciela says:

    I’m sick of Haskell and more tired of Langston. Lady Heather presence was interesting for explosive chemistry with Grissom. Not being Billy to play scenes with Melinda is not the same. Needed now that the writers want recreated the relationship Heather-Grissom in Heather-Langston. They do not know which tricks used to bring viewers back.

  9. mcat says:

    This season has been an improvement because there seems to be less Ray and a better balance of all the characters. If the season finale is going to revolve entirely around Ray, it’s going to suck.

  10. tahina says:

    Hmm, agree with many of you here-get rid of Langston, he is just a boring character. Too bad Grissom wont be on, loved his “sexy” scenes with Lady Heather, she really had him around her fingers. Hope she is not killed off by the mad Haskell.

  11. Amy says:

    I hope Sara desks her and Lady Heather hits the pavement. I’m so tired of her! All she is is a tool, and the lead male seems to go OOC when she appears. BLAH! Hopefully this is her last endeavor in Vegas, I’m SICK of her!

    • sw211 says:

      That should be the other way around – Sara is a pain in the rear! She should have stayed in the jungle.

      • jamie says:

        @sw211 I’ll have to disagree – Sara is a great character, her storylines are always interesting. Lady Heather should have stayed in the dominion.

        • dannie says:

          Agreed! I love Sara Sidle. LH needs to just go away, already. The writers keep inventing ways to improve her character and bring her back. I’m sure psychologists everywhere are wincing at this development. Her ‘expertise’ is sex therapy, ala S&M, and gene mapping; give me a break!

      • Naazneen says:

        High 5! Sara Sidle disappearing was the damned best thing that happened to CSI. And then she returned. Argh! Want Heather to give her a kick in the ass. I suppose a verbal lashing will do just as well. Sara is IMO the worst character on the show and certainly my least favourite!

        • hru says:

          are you serious? Sara has been the deepest most complex story line on CSI I think she is great!

        • Not Impressed says:

          In reply to: Naazneen says:
          April 7, 2011 at 9:40 AM

          High 5! Sara Sidle disappearing was the damned best thing that happened to CSI. And then she returned. Argh! Want Heather to give her a kick in the ass. I suppose a verbal lashing will do just as well. Sara is IMO the worst character on the show and certainly my least favourite!

          Thought should let you know Petersen asked Jorja to rejoin the show in S10! Sara is an inspiring, resilient, hardworking, loyal, stubborn, intelligent, dedicated character in spite of her troubled childhood and sad foster care system experience. This is one character goes against the Hollywood’s conventional stereotype. More power to her! Grissom should be congratulated for understanding, appreciating and loving her for what she is.

          The freaky Leather Heather is nothing but a plot device since her first appearance, and remains so in the series finale. Don’t you wonder what’s going through her mind when Grissom went on talking about Sara? I was very, very surprised she didn’t turn the table over and try to throttle him with bare hands! Come to think of it, she couldn’t even she wanted to! Without her whips and chains, she wouldn’t be able to do anything at all!

  12. jules says:

    Langston should just die already! He’s so boring. This season has been this good simply because the guy is not there all the time anymore! Lady Heather is okay, I just don’t get why they feel the need to bring her back every two years or so. It’s not like Sara and Lady Heather will get into a fight or anything… as if Grissom will cheat on Sara (that would be sooo OOC) or something like that. This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy (thank God!).

  13. Lu says:

    I love Melinda Clarke and her Lady Heather character but… where is Sqweegel? I don’t really like the Nate Haskell plot. Sqweegel was much creppier :)
    Whatever it is, I can’t wait for tonight.

  14. jen says:

    I’m tired of both Ray and LH. Maybe they can ride off into the sunset together. Leave Grissom and Sara alone, please.

  15. hru says:

    Wow a spoiler and interview with CSI! Way to go! Add me to those not liking The Ray character, but I am looking forward to Sara Finally working with Lady Heather. Seems like they kept them apart for all of Heathers visits.

  16. NERY says:

    Im hoping that Fishborn will stay :) side next with Grissom

  17. amelia says:

    Sara and Lady Heather will work things out–both know who got Grissom!
    But I am so tired of Haskell and Langston–may they kill each other off!

  18. JohnDoe says:

    Who cares about Lady Heather when Grissom isn’t around? Seriously, CSI has gone so far downhill, especially with last week’s ridiculously predictable episode, it’s turning into CSI: Miami. They need to bring back William Petersen.

  19. carol says:

    I really wish along with many others that Ray would just go away.

    Lady Heather aka Dr. Kessler is a good character and always increases the dramatic arch of a show. The last time they used her in the series, it was just before the serial miniature killer and that arc worked, so TPTB probably thought it would be a good idea again.

    The main problem with CSI now is not that Ray is on the show, nor that Grissom isn’t on the show, but the fact TPTB keep recycling storylines.

    I loved CSI, now it is past its prime.

    • Amsterdam says:

      That wasn’t the last time LH was seen.
      Grissom visited her just before he went after Sara.
      Haven’t seen the episode yet. I have to download it, because I live in Amsterdam.