The Office Spoiler Alert: Guess Who's in Steve Carell's Final Episode After All!

New details are emerging about Steve Carell’s final episode of The Office, and it’s good news for Michael/Holly fans.

Despite buzz to the contrary, Amy Ryan will play a role in the April 28 swan song. “All I’ll say is she actually is in the episode in a way,” teases Paul Feig, who directed the highly anticipated half-hour. “[Holly] is involved.”

Filming on the episode wrapped last week, and Feig acknowledges that it was an emotional rollercoaster for the cast and crew. “It was very weird to be doing Steve Carell’s last episode,” he concedes. “We all knew it was when we were doing it, but you still kind of were in denial like, “Well, he’ll say at the end he’s coming back” or “It was just a joke or something.” We kind of scheduled the week so we did the most emotional, sort of final moments in the end of the week. It really tore us up. We were a mess many days.”

One longtime Office staffer took the impending loss particularly hard. “Angela Kinsey just burst out crying one day right when they were rehearsing her last scene with him,” recalls Feig, who says a special ceremony was held after Carell completed his last shot. “They brought out a giant three-foot-high cake. It was his coffee mug and it said World’s Best Boss on it. It’s such a testament to him that he’s so beloved by so many people and is such a joy to work with that he will be missed there.”

Feig describes the tone of the episode — written by exec producer Greg Daniels — as a mix of funny and sentimental but “not in a corny, cloying way.,” adding, “Greg is just such a genius. He knows how to get that tone right.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)