Exclusive: CSI Vet Is Back With a Bang!

The return of serial killer Nate Haskell isn’t all bad for the Vegas crimefighters of CSI. Rather, his latest reign of terror will actually set the stage for the return of former series regular Louise Lombard!

TVLine has learned exclusively that the CSI alumna will reprise her role as the well-liked Sofia Curtis during May sweeps — and one major thing has changed since we last saw her back in Season 8.

“Sofia’s a deputy chief now,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn reveals. “She’s gotten her shield and she has a real ‘take no prisoners’ attitude.”

As such, when Sofia gets introduced to Langston (Laurence Fishburne), things do not go smoothly.

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“Langston becomes involved because Sofia wants to call in the feds, since they’ve now had Haskell sightings in Mexico and all over, which means he’s clearly not in Vegas. Of course, Langston begs to differ,” Mendelsohn previews. “The episode is really about where is Nate Haskell.”

“Sofia actually blames Langston and Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) for Haskell’s escape,” the showrunner continues. “And she blames Brass (Paul Guilfoyle).”

Ultimately, Brass blasts back, “‘Hate to rain on your tirade, Deputy Chief, but we’re not going catch Haskell debating ancient history.'” And presto, the team is reunited! Kind of.

As of now, Lombard is only set to appear in one episode, but seeing as Mendelsohn “loves Louise,” she tells TVLine with a knowing grin, “You may see her in the finale, too.”

Ready for CSI‘s jam-packed episode this spring? Happy to see Lombard back in those detective duds? Sound off in the comments!

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