So Much Sexy This Tuesday! What Got You Hot?

It may still be winter, but the temperature across prime time this Tuesday night was decidedly warm, as a flurry of new pairings got, at the very least, flirty.

I’m about to rattle off a bunch of Tuesday-night spoilers, so unless you’ve seen what you want to see and are comfortable knowing who all pitched woo, turn back now.

For starters, on NCIS, the hour closed with a literally steamy encounter: Newcomer EJ Barrett (played by Sarah Jane Morris), fresh out of the shower and wearing only a towel, got up-close and personal with her new coworker, Tony. We got that blasted black-and-white freeze-frame, though, before the two (presumably) macked. Nice direction, Michael Weatherly!

Also in the 8 o’clock hour, No Ordinary Family gave us the always sexy/Sixy Tricia Helfer as a woman with the superpower of seduction. That led to, among other things, a passionate kiss ‘tween her and Jim — which made eyewitness Stephanie super-mad!

At 9, V finally made time for romance (or at least wanton sex), as Erica and Kyle decided to take a break from making war to make love. You can watch that scene here, via our friends at Fancast.com:

Come 10 pm, The Good Wife unleashed on us an unspoiled (if not entirely unexpected) kiss between Cary and Kalinda, while White Collar found Neal hot under the collar, as he and Sara were in the throes of checking each other out at a library (!) before Mozzie interrupted their inter…action.

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