Video: Does JoAnna Garcia's NY Yankee Husband Hit a Home Run on Better With You?

ABC’s Better With You (Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c) segues into “Better With a Yankee” when series lead JoAnna Garcia‘s real-life husband, Bronx Bomber outfielder Nick Swisher, guest-stars in two episodes.

The freshman sitcom’s executive producers, Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Greg Malins, “have a special and unique relationship with Nick,” Garcia says in the video below, “and they were really excited about having him come do this.” A regular visitor to the BWU set, Swisher in turn was thrilled to oblige.

“[JoAnna] supports me when I work, and I want to make sure I’m here for her,” he says. “I wish I could take her to work [at Yankee Stadium] for a couple days to see what I do, but…”

Garcia interjects with a laugh, “I’m not tough enough for that!”

Exclusive: Yankee Nick Swisher Joins Wife JoAnna Garcia on ABC’s Better With You

When Swisher plays himself in back-to-back episodes airing February 16 and 23, it’s revealed that he and Ben (Josh Cooke) have a bit of a “history” involving a Yankee game, a fly ball, and something thrown from the stands. That incident comes back to haunt Ben when Swisher buys his favorite bar.

Though Swisher claims to have been “nervous” going into this acting gig, Garcia says, “Do not let him kid you…. We went through [the script] one time and I was like, ‘You’re fantastic!'”

“I’m his wife,” she reminds. “I have to be honest, right?

Dancing With the Stars Pro Drops By Better With You

Press play below for much more from the marrieds. TVLine cannot be held responsible for any ocular damage caused by flashes of Garcia’s ginormous wedding ring.

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