Exclusive Video: Zachary Levi Talks Chuck Wedding (and Sings Us A Little Somethin')

Zachary Levi is singing a happy tune, and for good reason: For the first winter in a while, NBC’s Chuck (Mondays at 8/7c) isn’t in complete and total panic mode, relying on Subway-frequenting fans and benevolent network execs to keep Team Bartowski in the field a while longer.

“It feels good to make content that people are passionate about,” Levi told TVLine when we visited the action-dramedy’s set this month. “If that translates into numbers that are solid enough for…  NBC to know that 8 o’clock on Monday nights is taken care of, then rock-and-roll.”

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When last we tuned into Chuck, our titular spy’s romance with Sarah was being put to the test as she dove undercover with Volkoff’s network for the purpose of freeing Mama B.

“This is something she wants to do for [Chuck] as much as for national security,” Levi says in the video Q&A posted below. “But he doesn’t want to lose her” — especially since it was an identically ambitious mission that robbed Chuck of his mom all those years ago.

Drumming up such drama is one of the reasons Chuck has so winningly turned its “Will They?/Won’t They?” couple into a very entertaining “Oh Yes, They Did!” duo. “It wasn’t just, ‘All right, that’s that and now we’re happy!'” Zach explains. “No, we’re now dealing with all the crap you deal with in a relationship.”

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Also in his sit-down with TVLine, Zach talks about Monday’s midseason finale and then — sometimes in song! — the assorted “things” on tap for the back half of this super-sized season.

Might said “things” include a wedding for Chuck and Sarah? Don’t miss Zach’s take on that hot topic at the 2:30 mark!

Watch the full video here, then tell us: Would you like to see a Chuck/Sarah wedding this season?

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