Hellcats Romance Report: Savannah and Dan and Marti are Over!

All is not well in Cheer Town. In fact, everyone is on the outs when Hellcats returns tonight (in its new Tuesday time slot), and Aly Michalka (Marti) and Ashley Tisdale (Savannah) are dishing on what’s ahead for the former besties and the man Dan (Matt Barr) that tore them apart…

It’s Marti against the world in tonight’s episode of Hellcats, so get ready for a major cheer bitchfest.

“Marti’s in a bad state,” Michalka tells us. “She realizes the mistake she’s made, the people she’s jeopardized and the fact that she’s now put the whole squad in a bad position. So, we’ll pick up with her and Savannah having this real division and you’re going to see that for about an episode — actually, it’s with the whole squad.”

But there is hope for the unlikely pals. “The trust is broken, so it’s just about mending it and building it back up again,” says Tisdale. And luckily, they will.

“At the end of the day, you’re going to see them rekindle their friendship — it’s not perfect or your classic ‘Hey, we’re best friends again,’ but it’s believable because of how much they’ve committed to the friendship already. They realize it’s not worth throwing away; there’s too much at stake, as a squad and as girlfriends.”

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Dan and Marti…just yet.

Reveals Michalka: “You’ll see the same struggle with Dan. He’s gone for a couple episodes, where there is one phone call [between the two], but he’s dismissive towards her. Dan and Marti’s relationship is a work in progress, getting back to that place where they do feel comfortable with each other. There’s a lot of absence in the episodes that you don’t see him, then you’ll see the awkwardness of when they do finally see each other. It’s not totally OK still, but they’ll get there.”

And for now, Dan and Savannah are dunzo, too. “She definitely has feelings for him still,” Tisdale tells TVLine, “and I don’t think she’s ready to let it go, but she wont stick around for [more].”

Also down for the count? “You’ll see Marti and Lewis (Robbie Jones) end their relationship, too,” Michalka adds.

So, yeah, expect lots of breakups (and maybe a few makeups!) in tonight’s return.

Catch the all new episode of Hellcats at 9/8c on the CW.