Exclusive First Look: Brooke and Julian's One Tree Hill Wedding!

If you watched One Tree Hill this Tuesday night, you learned three things: 1) Brooke and Co. can throw a Hangover-esque bachelorette bash with the best of ’em. 2) Peyton and Lucas will most definitely be MIA from the nuptials. (Sigh.) And 3) Julian is the best fiancé ever — but you already knew that!

Now, TVLine is here with your exclusive first look photos of the happy couple tying the knot, in what’s bound to be Tree Hill’s most beautiful (and least life-threatening!) wedding yet.

Take a gander at the below photos from next Tuesday’s One Tree Hill wedding event, called “The Other Half of Me.” Kinda hard not to get all misty-eyed when you think about everything Brooke’s been through over the past eight seasons — not to mention the fact that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols are real-life lovebirds. Makes it all the more adorable:

So what’s the verdict: Is she a gorgeous bride or what? And how sweet is it that little Jamie (Jackson Brundage) is Julian’s best man? And look at that baby belly on Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) — she’s about to pop! Is another Scott scout about to arrive? One can only hope.

Don’t miss this extra-special One Tree Hill event next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.