Blind Item: Hit Show Caters to Star's Death Wish

You know how you can tell when you’ve really “made it” in Hollywood? When you’re getting bumped off the hit TV show on which you recur, and the powers that be let you dictate how you go out. And what a coincidence: That’s exactly what happened to the subject of today’s blind item!

The bona fide “name” is returning to the drama on which he/she has previously appeared later this season for what, given his/her impending on-screen demise, should be the last time. But when you-don’t-know-who read in the script that their alter ego was to perish in an explosion, this performer’s reps demanded, er, requested that their client be shot instead.


It gets weirder. Though no reason for the shifting of the cause of death was given (not to me, anyway), the network and the producers both OK’d the change. So, one way or another, there’s now a toe tag with this character’s name on it. (Hint: I have a sneaking suspicion a good chunk of the audience will not be sad to see this person go. Actually, I’m sure of it.)

So, guesses as to the identity of the actor/actress whose next scene partner will be the Grim Reaper? Go to it below.

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