Scoop on Smallville's 'Unbelievable' Return and the Super Finale To Come

Of course the Smallville series finale will be 31 flavors of super, but will it actually be supersized? And what sort of unbelievably romantic moment can “Clois” fans look forward to?

An epic two-hour affair would seem to be fitting for a show wrapping a 10-year run — and in fact that is “a possibility,” executive producer Brian Peterson tells TVLine. “We’d love that, and it feels like the right way to end.”

At this early stage, however — the midseason premiere arrives Friday, January 28 — “We don’t know yet,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. But whatever The CW decides, “The beauty is that the last two episodes go hand-in-hand,” she notes, “so no matter what happens, it will be an event.”

And the title of said finale event? Is it safe to say that, in keeping with the show’s one-word nomenclature and Clark reaching his destiny, “Superman” will be the name of the game-ending game?

“That is not safe to say,” Souders reports. “We were actually just talking about it [on Friday], and we still don’t have a title. And literally, with the amount of stuff we have to lock down for that episode, the title is the least of our problems.

“It might be a no-brainer [such as “Superman”], but I”m not sure,” Souders allows. (As Peterson acknowledges, bestowing the finale with such a potent and important title is “a whole much bigger discussion.”)

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The immediately good news is that while rumors are swirling that a Clark/Lois wedding may take place before the series flies away for good, fans of the supercouple to end all supercouples won’t have to wait four months for out-of-this-world romance.

Rather, “You will see an unbelievable Clark/Lois scene in the first episode back [airing January 28],” Peterson promises. “It is an unbelievable Clark/Lois scene.”

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So… who’s ready for January 28? And if “Superman” isn’t the finale’s title, what would you suggest?