Parks and Recreation's Leslie/Ben Romance 'Will Make Your Lady-Parts Tingle'!

If loving Amy Poehler is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Especially after my revealing chat with the Parks and Recreation starlet at NBC’s winter shindig Thursday night.

Yes, it did involve talk of tingling lady-parts, but only when referring to a seriously sweet romance on the way for Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott). And only because Amy brought it up…

As you may remember (although, I can’t blame you if Parks and Rec‘s eight-month hiatus has left your memory a little fuzzy), Scott joined Pawnee’s finest last year and is back (full-time) for Season 3.

“Adam came in as a real bad news bear, and Leslie and him have a lot of issues,” Amy teased. But lucky for you (and us!), we’ve seen the first seven episodes and can happily report that these two become quite fond of each other, however slow it may be.

“I love the character that Adam plays and I love Adam,” Poehler explained, “but it’s really about how slow it goes and how real it is–I like that [the show] is not about ‘will Leslie find a guy?’ And if that kind of stuff makes your lady-parts tingle, you’re gonna be very excited with what’s coming up.”

Also on the Parks and Recreation horizon is an Amy-penned ep, which she’s very excited about.

“I wrote an episode this season where Leslie and Ann (Rashida Jones) get into a really big fight and it’s a big deal,” the funnygal revealed. “The episode was the writer’s idea, but I started pitching on it with Mike Schur and he said I should just write it. So I hope is that ladies watch it and it feels very real. I’m very proud of how real of a lady-fight it is.”

So how do these two things mesh, if at all? We’ll let Amy (hilariously) explain — ladies, take note:

“I’m going to make your lady-parts tingle and make your lady-heart cry. Or your upstairs and your downstairs will be satisfied.”

So, there you have it. Amy Poehler is the best and there is lots to look forward to when Parks and Recreation returns Thursday, January 20 at 9:30 pm on NBC.

Are you ready for more better-than-ever Pawnee fun?