TVLine Items: Maksim's Bachelor Snub, and Other TV News to Know

True story: Dancing With the Stars stud Maksim Chmerkovskiy was thisclose to becoming ABC’s next Bachelor.

Another true story: Maksim is the next Bachelor… in the Ukraine!

Yep, everyone’s favorite DWTS badboy took to his blog (cited by The Hollywood Reporter) to announce that he has decided to follow his heart back to his Ukrainian hometown to find love. But before doing so, he had to turn down a gig with the U.S. edition of the reality romance series.

“I AM doing the Ukrainian version of our “Bachelor”, Chmerkovskiy wrote. “The fact that I’ve turned down the American version has NOTHING to do with my ‘dislike’ of American women. (The statement is so absurd that I can’t believe I’m even dignifying it with a reply).”

Not sure who accused him of such things, but we wish Maks nothing but the best on his love quest.

Other TV news that’s out there:

• Wemma fans, avert your pretty little peepers! Glee boss Ryan Murphy tells EW.com that Gwyneth Paltrow will return for not one but two episodes later this season, and her adorably aloof Holly Holliday has her sights set on Mr. Schue. “[Gwyneth’s] coming back specifically to date Will,” says Murphy. Even better? “She’s coming back as a sex education teacher.” Elsewhere in the Glee realm, Lady Gaga has given the show the rights to perform her yet-to-be-dropped single, “Born This Way,” which should tie in nicely with Kurt’s gay-bullying storyline.

• Our gal Jenna Fischer took to her MySpace blog this week to chat about the New Year and new episodes of The Office: “The episode we are about to shoot (episode 17) is INCREDIBLE. It involves a storyline from the past. Longtime fans of the show will totally geek out. It was one of our best table reads and it’s written by BJ Novak.” OK, first, yay! And second, what storyline could it be? A Dwangela reunion? Jan’s impending return? The return of Agent Michael Scarn?! Oh, the endless possibilities.

• Sunday’s night of premieres is a huge success for Showtime! Shameless delivered the cabler’s most watched drama premiere is seven years (since Dead Like Me), while Californication has its biggest premiere to date.

Hawaii Five-0 has cast the betrothed Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo to play, what else, a betrothed couple (per People), while popstar JoJo will pop up in the January 23 episode following the NFL’s AFC Championship game (per TV Guide Magazine).

• Per E! Online, Dollhouse alum Enver Gjokaj has scored an extra special guest spot on my personal fave, Community. Looks like Britta is finally going to get some lovin’ from a foreign loverboy… with an agenda.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a goner. Kaput. Dunzo. EW.com is reporting that Sunday’s finale was the TLC series’ swan song. Wish we could say we’re sorry to hear it, but….

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