What to Watch Today

Young Sheldon No. 100, Julia Gets Cooking, Live-Action OddParents, Bel-Air Finale and More

  • Peacock

    Season 1 finale: An unexpected guest drops by the Banks home; Hilary and Ivy scheme to buy out Kylo. (Watch sneak peek; previously renewed.)

  • Hulu
    The Dropout

    In the penultimate hour, Elizabeth and Sunny, under intense scrutiny from the Wall Street Journal, double down on defense; Tyler and Erika face a difficult choice.

  • Paramount+
    The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder

    Series premiere (all 13 episodes): Combining live action and animation, this picks up years after the original by following Timmy Turner’s cousin, “Viv,” and her stepbrother Roy, as they navigate life with the help of Wanda and Cosmo. (Watch trailer.)

  • Paramount+

    In Episode 2, Master Chief brings Kwan to an old friend (played by Bokeem Woodbine); the Covenant plots to steal the artifact. (The premiere earned a “B.”)

  • HBO Max

    Series premiere (first three episodes): Happy Valley‘s Sarah Lancashire is Julia Child, pioneer of the modern cooking show; David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) co-stars.

  • HBO Max

    Film premiere: Lana Condor (To All the Boys) and Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) star in this sci-fi rom-com about Mars being colonized by the best humanity has to offer.

  • HBO Max
    Young Justice

    Season 4B premiere: Arc 4 of “Phantoms” kicks off with three new episodes.

  • The CW

    Cordell reaches a breaking point with Denise, who sets her sights on revenge; tensions between the Walker and Davidson families hit a fever pitch.

  • CBS
    Young Sheldon

    Episode No. 100: Sheldon gets an odd request from Paige; George Sr. and Mary get caught in the middle of Meemaw ’s breakup; Georgie comes clean to Mandy. (Review Easter eggs; oh, how the kids have grown!)

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Mer struggles to step away from work as she spends a sick day at home with Zola, who is one of her children; the hospital receives an unexpected visitor.

  • CBS
    How We Roll

    Series premiere: Pete Holmes (Crashing) fronts this comedy inspired by the life of Tom Smallwood, playing a man who gets laid off from a factory job and decides to follow his dream of becoming a pro bowler. Katie Lowes (Scandal), Chi McBride (H50) and Julie White (NCIS: Hawai’i) co-star.

  • FX

    This week’s synopsis reads, “This one was cool. Going to rich parties and meeting weirdos. Season 1 was better.”