What to Watch Today

Wu Assassins Movie, Peacemaker Finale, Bel-Air and More

  • Peacock

    Episode 4/Regular day of release: As the family rallies behind Phil’s campaign, Will past catches up with him.

  • Netflix
    Fistful of Vengeance

    In the feature-length follow-up to Wu Assassins, super-powered Kai (Iko Uwais) tracks a killer to Bangkok; Lewis Tan (Lu Xin), Lawrence Kao (Tommy) and Juju Chan (Zan) all reprise their roles. (Watch trailer.)

  • HBO Max

    Season 1 finale: Peacemaker and Adebayo must put aside their differences as the team plots an elaborate attack. (Just renewed!)

  • HBO Max
    Raised by Wolves

    Mother confronts the Trust and threatens a coup; Marcus must keep his followers from losing faith when his powers suddenly disappear.

  • Paramount+
    Star Trek: Discovery

    Burnham and the Discovery crew race to stop Book and Ruon Tarka from setting a plan into motion that could wreak havoc on the entire galaxy.

  • Netflix
    Young Wallander

    Season 2 premiere (all six episodes): Kurt investigates a grisly death with apparent ties to an incendiary news story that was one of Rask’s first cases in Malmö.

  • ABC
    Jeopardy! National College Championship

    The two-night semifinal event gets underway to determine which students compete in the Feb. 22 grand final.

  • NBC
    Winter Olympics

    Primetime coverage includes the women’s 1000m in Speed Skating, the women’s free skate event in Figure Skating and the women’s halfpipe final in Freestyle Skiing.

  • Fox
    Call Me Kat

    With Phil away on vacation, Oscar pitches in at the café, causing tension with Randi; Max and Carter start a juice cleanse.

  • Fox

    Amy learns that Coleen’s old number has been given to someone else; Brian needs Sarah’s help with Lila’s birthday party; Jodie helps Matt organize his bedroom.

  • Freeform

    Jazz grapples with cultural perceptions surrounding mental health; when Ana and Aaron innocently reconnect over their past, Zoey and Vivek spin out.

  • Freeform
    Single Drunk Female

    Sam lands a job interview in New York, then discovers how scary it is to write while sober; Carol introduces herself to Olivia.