What to Watch Today

Will Trent Manhunt, Killer 9-1-1: Lone Star and More

  • Hulu
    How I Met Your Father

    Val brings Sophie to a work event, while the rest of the gang is introduced to a new girl Jesse is seeing; John Corbett guest-stars.

  • PBS
    American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci

    This documentary follows Fauci over two years, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the inauguration of President Biden to his retirement.

  • Fox
    9-1-1: Lone Star

    Marjan is in for the fight of her life when she is targeted by a killer.

  • ABC
    The Rookie

    When “Dim” goes missing, Chen, Bradford and the CIA set out to find him and enlist the help of “Juicy”; Lance Bass guest-stars as himself.

  • The CW
    Superman & Lois

    Clark and Chrissy notice a small crack in Lois’ game face; Sarah and Jordan have an uncomfortable encounter; Lana receives a panicked phone call.

  • NBC
    American Auto

    The gang heads to Katherine’s house for a seemingly innocent night of employee bonding, only to learn Katherine and Richard are in the midst of a divorce.

  • Fox

    Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter plays a high school teacher who puts his reputation on the line to help a student in need.

  • The CW
    Gotham Knights

    Turner, Duela, Cullen, Harper and Carrie return to the scene of the crime in search of Bruce Wayne’s journals; Harvey starts to wonder if Turner is innocent.

  • ABC
    The Rookie: Feds

    Naomi and the Feds attempt to thwart an international counterfeit scandal; Garza reconnects with an old friend.

  • ABC
    Will Trent

    Will and Ormewood spring into action when a convicted criminal takes Faith hostage; Angie finds out that her former abuser has been set free.