What to Watch Today

Will & Grace Returns, Chelsea Peretti Leaves Brooklyn, Bane Makes Gotham Debut and More

  • Fox

    A task force headed up by Eduardo Dorrance (Nikita‘s Shane West) is sent into Gotham as part of a relief effort; Nygma turns to Penguin for answers.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Amelia and Koracick proceed with Catherine’s surgery; Richard encourages Meredith to visit her father (Scandal‘s Jeff Perry) before it’s too late.

  • Freeform

    Ben, Maddie and Ryn try to keep the newly arrived mermaid pack hidden from the rest of Bristol Cove; Elaine grows more suspicious of Helen.

  • CBS All Access
    Star Trek Discovery

    The Discovery receives a surprise visitor who comes bearing shocking news about Spock; Tilly struggles to keep a grip on reality following the asteroid incident.

  • The CW

    During exam week, Hope, Rafael, Landon and MG deal with the arrival of a new monster that feeds off of their greatest fears.

  • NBC
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    In Chelsea Peretti’s final episode as a series regular, Gina plays chess with Capt. Holt… attends brunch with Rosa and Amy… and infiltrates a posh club with Jake.

  • CBS

    Shannon’s mom (Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh) undermines Clem and Nick after they specifically tell Shannon that she can’t attend a music festival. 

  • NBC
    Will & Grace

    New time slot alert! Will, Karen and Jack accidentally take a hallucinogenic drug; Grace’s client (Chelsea Handler) takes up with her sister Janet (Mary McCormack).

  • NBC
    Law & Order: SVU

    Benson and the team investigate a father’s murder and an attempted assault on his teenage daughters; Rollins goes into labor.

  • Comedy Central
    Broad City

    Ilana opens an outdoor workspace for smokers; Abbi stands up to her landlord when he refuses to fix her plumbing.