What to Watch Today

White Collar and Covert Return, the Men's Wedding and More

  • Fox

    A case quickly escalates when the death of an immigrant maid leads to an investigation into her employer (Downton Abbey’s Phyllis Logan guest-stars).

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    A case affects Owen when he realizes that his patient may have served in the military; April’s mother (Connie Ray, The Big C) visits; Dr. Herman shares news.

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    The gang recreates a high school prom on the roof, but Sheldon is worried he has to partake in the romantic traditions. (See photos.)

  • Fox

    While the town continues to turn against Jack, Beth makes the decision to confront Gemma.

  • ABC

    Olivia turns to Tom for more information about Jake while her team reacts to Leo Bergen’s new client. Also, LizzyBear’s alliance is revealed.

  • USA Network
    White Collar

    Final season premiere: Before Peter bargains for Neal’s freedom, Neal must first gain access to a crime syndicate. Elsewhere, the Burkes’ “long distance” plan is thrown a curve ball.

  • CBS
    Two and a Half Men

    Walden and Alan appear to be heading for a wedding — if Alan can get past his husband-to-be’s request for a pre-nup. Michael Bolton guest-stars; see photos.

  • USA Network
    Covert Affairs

    Midseason premiere: While Annie goes on a mission in Istanbul, McQuaid’s health remains in question; Arthur takes over McQuaid Security; Calder has a new asset.

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    The team continues to work on Rebecca’s case, until the judge enforces a gag order. Meanwhile, Michaela is given a pre-nup and Laurel and Frank’s bond grows. In flash-forwards, Wes and Rebecca’s relationship is explored.

  • NBC

    Amber babysits Max and Nora, but when things don’t go as planned she relies on Sarah. Elsewhere, Hank and Sandy have an emotional talk, leaving Sandy shocked at how far Hank has come.