What to Watch Today

Little Liar Boozes It Up, Nathan Vs. Dumb Starbucks and More

  • ABC Family
    Pretty Little Liars

    Hanna begins to drink more heavily when Alison moves into her house while her dad is out of town. (Sounds like someone needs 21 Jump Street.) Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily try to solve the mystery of the girl in Alison’s grave.

  • TNT
    Rizzoli & Isles

    The murder of a rare bookseller brings Jane and Maura into the world of Keltic writings and coded confessions — just as Maura is preparing Jane to meet her new beau.

  • USA Network
    Royal Pains

    Divya bonds with a patient struggling to get pregnant, Hank reignites his European romance and Emma is invited to a hot party.

  • Syfy
    Face Off

    The contestants are given the task of creating over-the-top make-ups for crime bosses from the world of Dick Tracy — here’s hoping Pruneface gets a makeover.

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    A support group member’s worsening prognosis makes April contemplate her own mortality, causing her to play hooky from work — and learn something new about Leo. Meanwhile, Brenna uses her school trip to Miami to try to meet her half-sister Natalie.

  • OWN
    The Haves and the Have Nots

    Season finale: Who will fall victim to Amanda’s wrath? Find out tonight, following a marathon that starts at 10 am.

  • TNT

    After Daniel sees a gallery owner die during a video installation, he convinces Kate that it’s actually murder. The ensuing investigation lands them in the middle of an art heist and also forces Daniel to re-examine his relationship with Natalie.

  • USA Network
    Covert Affairs

    While undercover, Annie accepts an invitation to the Russian Embassy in Paris. Elsewhere, Auggie tries to juggle more than one relationship and Joan uncovers the details of Arthur’s most recent business trip.

  • MTV
    Finding Carter

    Elizabeth and Carter bond as she learns what real police work is. Later, Taylor attends a party that gets out of hand.

  • Comedy Central
    Nathan for You

    February’s “Dumb Starbucks” news story comes into focus, as Nathan invokes parody law to help a struggling coffee shop boost its business in a Los Angeles neighborhood.