What to Watch Today

Face Off Crossbreeds, Rizzoli's Cold Case Heats Up and More

  • ABC Family
    Pretty Little Liars

    Melissa finally tells Spencer what she knows about the night Ali disappeared. Elsewhere, Emily enlists Ezra’s help to investigate Cyrus and his past connection to Alison and Hanna asks Spencer and Toby for help with Caleb’s drinking problem.

  • USA Network
    Royal Pains

    Divya and Jeremiah work together to treat a model who is struggling to eat. Meanwhile, Evan tries to distance himself from his partnership with Ray but it proves to be harder than he expected.

  • TNT
    Rizzoli & Isles

    As the team helps Korsak investigate an old case that has gone very, very cold, Jane — refusing to believe that she’s not ready to go back on duty — takes some untraditional steps to stay involved.

  • Syfy
    Face Off

    The pressure of another individual challenge weighs on all 11 artists as they each have to mash-up two animals to create a unique new species.

  • FX

    As the plans for the coup continue to take shape, Jamal proves how far he will go to punish those who oppose him. Barry’s relationship with Molly is pushed to the limit after she learns of the repercussions that await their family.

  • USA Network
    Covert Affairs

    Annie begins a sensitive undercover operation without the CIA’s support, Calder interrogates Auggie about a potential breach of protocol and McQuaid Security welcomes a new recruit.

  • TNT

    Summer finale: When Donnie finds himself in a compromising situation, Daniel and Kate wrestle with their own fears and doubts as they work to solve his case. Also, Daniel must deal with his father after he assaults someone at the assisted living facility.

  • Syfy
    Wizard Wars

    Series premiere: In this reality competition, a pair of Canada’s best illusionists go up against two American magicians to see who can best enchant an audience with everyday objects — including Spam and Super Soakers. Penn and Teller (of course) serve as the judges.

  • TBS
    Sullivan & Sons

    Steven and Susan celebrate Ok Cha’s birthday with a party, but cousin Jenny’s (guest star Margaret Cho, Drop Dead Diva) arrival causes a family feud to surface.

  • Comedy Central
    Nathan For You

    Season finale: A movie theater enforces a no-sharing policy at the concession stand. Also, Nathan teaches a toy company how to market to children. (Should we be scared?)