What to Watch Today

Westworld Finale, Once Breaks, The Royals Returns and More

On TV this Sunday: Westworld and Secrets and Lies come to the end of their respective seasons, Once Upon a Time wraps its fall run and Mariah Carey introduces us to her World. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    Fall finale: The Evil Queen makes a wish after getting a hold of Aladdin’s lamp; an unexpected danger faces newborn Gideon. (Read previewwatch sneak peek.)

  • TNT
    The Librarians

    An artifact grafts itself to Cassandra. Even worse? A blizzard traps her and Stone in a hotel currently hosting a demon convention! The worst? It’s a cash bar.

  • ABC
    Secrets and Lies

    Season 2 finale (two hours): Kate’s killer is finally revealed; Cornell is in for a “devastating surprise.” (Dun, dun, dun!) Not yet renewed.

  • HBO

    Season 1 finale (90 minutes): Ford reveals his new narrative; Dolores begins to accept her identity; Maeve’s plan is set into motion. (Get renewal statuswho received TVLine accolades?)

  • E!
    Mariah's World

    Docuseries premiere: Mariah Carey prepares for both her upcoming wedding to billionaire James Packer (heh!) and her first world tour in a decade.

  • AMC
    The Walking Dead

    This 90-minute (!) episode takes a closer look at the Sanctuary; members of Alexandria look for supplies. (Why are the ratings at four-year lows?)

  • Fox
    The Last Man on Earth

    The survivors search for Melissa; Gail remains trapped in an elevator with no way out. (Get Fox midseason premiere dates.)

  • E!
    The Royals

    Season 3 premiere: The royal family returns with a new perspective after the death of King Simon’s murderer; Prince Robert is revealed to be alive. (Get scoop.)

  • Showtime
    The Affair

    A horrific event puts a pin in Juliette’s hopes for a carefree affair with Noah; Noah tries to make sense of what just occurred. (Which Showtime fave was axed?)

  • HBO

    Special time: Frances takes umbrage with a lawyer’s insinuations of negligence; Dallas meets someone at a party hosted by Diane and Nick.