What to Watch Today

Vikings Season Finale, Kelly Ripa on Riverdale and More

  • YouTube Premium
    Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television

    Season 2 premiere (all eight episodes): Ryan partners with tough guy Vince Vincent (The Wire’s Wood Harris) after Mathers is put in a medically induced coma.

  • The CW

    The gang works together after a mystery assailant targets one of their own; Jughead comes face to face with Hiram’s alleged mistress (played by Kelly Ripa). (View photos.)

  • History

    Season 5 finale: A victor emerges following a new battle for Kattegat. (Renewed for a final season.)

  • Fox
    The Masked Singer

    The first group of singers return to the stage for individual and group performances. (Week 4 clues revisited!)

  • ABC
    Modern Family

    Phil finds Pepper his dream home; Mitch and Cam score an invite to an exclusive event hosted by Lily’s favorite vlogger. 

  • CBS
    Criminal Minds

    In Season 14’s penultimate episode, the BAU investigates murders committed inside supposedly haunted homes throughout Maine. (Final-season foe revealed!)

  • Syfy
    Deadly Class

    Marcus must navigate a prank war between the Rats and the Legacies. (Is Chucky coming to Syfy?)

  • USA Network

    Louis learns how to deal with Harvey; Alex is caught between Samantha and his wife. (Will Meghan Markle return for the series finale?)

  • truTV
    I'm Sorry

    Mike and Andrea teach Amelia the value of a dollar; Andrea gets a massage to alleviate holiday season stress.

  • Pop
    Schitt's Creek

    Johnny faces financial pressure after Moira purchases an expensive red carpet gown. (Who received TVLine accolades?)