What to Watch Today

Vikings Finale, Heroic Grey's, Bones Relapse and More

  • Fox

    Whoa, baby! Just as he and Brennan receive exciting news, Booth’s gambling bug is reawakened by the investigation of a murdered high roller.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Derek rushes to aid a trio of burnt children after witnessing a ghastly car crash. Savannah Paige Rae (aka Parenthood‘s Sydney) guest-stars.

  • NBC
    The Blacklist

    Red asks Liz to look into a vicious blast from his past… aka basically every episode of The Blacklist. Good thing this one has knowledge of the Fulcrum!

  • ABC

    Cyrus is forced to come to Mellie’s defense in wake of bad press; the team takes precautions to keep safe amidst the planned takedown of B613.

  • The CW

    Conde cozies up to the enemy as Mary aligns herself with France; Kenna grows closer to General Renaude.

  • CBS

    Christy and Bonnie’s combative relationship begins bugging everyone around them. (Head’s up: The hitcom is staying put at 9.)

  • History

    Season 3 finale: Ragnar and the troops take a enormous risk in an effort to secure Paris once and for all. (Yep, renewed.)

  • Sundance
    The Red Road

    Harold visits Jack about a questionable note from Captain Warren; Jean finds Rachel in a compromising situation.

  • USA Network

    As her career hangs in peril, Lynn discovers a potential mole within the consulate; Debbie returns with vengeance on the brain and no other options.

  • FX

    Louie’s run-in with his sister’s ex (Justified‘s Michael Rapaport) results in a reluctant get-together (and a little bit of drama).