What to Watch Today

Dome Closes, Beast Finale, Longmire Returns and More

  • Netflix

    Season 4 premiere (all 10 episodes, now on Netflix): After it is revealed whether it was Branch or his father who fired Season 3’s closing gunshot, Walt succumbs to dark impulses after ID’ing his wife’s killer. (Watch trailer.)

  • The CW
    Beauty and the Beast

    Season 3 finale: Vincent and Cat work together to defeat Liam once and for all, and to prevent their foe from exposing Vincent as a beast. (See photos; Renewed!)

  • Fox

    Season 1 finale: This week’s poor, poor souls get drenched in refried beans for every wrong answer. But really, how is this a thing? (Not yet renewed.)

  • NBC
    Sunday Night Football

    The NFL kicks off its 96th season as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on an innocent Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

  • EPIX
    Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest

    The former Late Late Show host discusses sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll during this 75-minute stand-up special.

  • CBS
    Under the Dome

    Series finale: When the dome finally comes down, a last effort is made to keep the infected townspeople from impacting the outside world. (Watch trailer.)

  • USA Network

    In the penultimate Season 3 episode, Briggs’ motives are made known while Mike’s search for the sarin gas becomes vital to save hundreds of lives.

  • Comedy Central

    After spending 24 hours in a coffin, Forrest is tasked with giving a six-star review. Later, the perpetually unlucky host makes a public speaking appearance.

  • IFC
    Comedy Bang! Bang!

    Summer finale: Comedy Bang! Bang! tries to appeal to a female audience; “Weird Al” Yankovic stops by for a game of Celebrity Weird Al Do’s.

  • CBS
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Will VP Joe Biden announce his long-assumed run for POTUS when he visits with Colbert? (Fellow guests include Toby Keith and Travis Kalanick.)


    COMING NEXT THURSDAY: CBS’ Thursday Night Football season kicks off! Plus, the season finales of Graceland and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.