What to Watch Today

Schumer's Scandalous Finale, Awkward Jail Stay and More

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    More contestants from around the country audition for the judges in the hopes of getting a hug from Heidi making it to the next round.

  • Fox

    Celebrities Tom Green (The Tom Green Show) and Andy Dick (Less Than Perfect) take part in various song, dance and sketch challenges all while navigating precarious ratings a tilted set.

  • TVGN
    Watch! TV

    Series premiere: Go behind the scenes of CBS’s Watch! Magazine as it flies celebrities to exotic destinations for high-end photo shoots. This first episode follows NCIS star Michael Weatherly and Under the Dome‘s Rachel Lefevre to merry olde England.

  • History
    Top Gear

    Season 5 premiere: Comedian Adam Ferrara, champion rally racer Tanner Foust and racing analyst Rutledge Wood compete for the opportunity to drag race in the Gatornationals. (Did they just skip Gatorsectionals?)

  • Fox
    I Wanna Marry 'Harry'

    The faux prince with red hair takes one of the girls for a hot air balloon ride, followed by a picnic that’s disrupted by paparazzi. Later, the girls show “Harry” their best American dance moves, so expect various renditions of the “fishing pole” as they try to snag themselves a “king” fish.

  • FX

    Molly faces pressure to close the case, while Lester starts to feel like a new man. (Note: Tonight’s episode runs 77 minutes. Set those DVRs accordingly!)

  • NBC
    The Night Shift

    TC pulls out all the stops and calls in a cardiac specialist when his friend the sheriff’s deputy is critically injured. Elsewhere, Paul deals with a challenging case involving an elderly woman.

  • MTV

    Jenna decides to visit Luke at college while Matty and Jake spend a night in jail — because they fought the law and the law won.

  • Comedy Central
    Inside Amy Schumer

    Season 2 finale: Amy meets the press, gets ready for sex and watches her boyfriend turn gay.

  • MTV
    Faking It

    Karma convinces Amy that they need to stage a break up, which Liam then takes the blame for. (You’d think a fake relationship wouldn’t need this much work.)