What to Watch Today

Wire Marathon Marches On, It Takes a Choir Sings and More

  • Bravo
    Inside the Actors Studio Marathon

    Through 8 pm | With guests including Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey, the HIMYM cast and Robin Williams, we’re about to hear a lot of favorite curse words.

  • MTV
    Catfish Marathon

    Through 10 pm | In case you needed another reason to never trust anyone on the Internet, ever.

  • HBO Signature
    The Wire HD Marathon

    Through Tuesday 1:20 am | The penultimate leg of the hi-def marathon kicks off with the Season 4 opener. After that, you’re just 10 hours away from crossing another show off your binge-watch list.

  • USA Network
    It Takes a Choir

    Series premiere, all 8 episodes: Based on the UK series, this marathon of Season 1 follows choirmaster Gareth Malone as he unites people through music and public performances.

  • FXX
    The Simpsons Marathon

    Through midnight | Enjoy a grab bag of episodes from various seasons, including “Bart the General,” “Homer the Vigilante” and “Lisa the Skeptic.” (See line-up.)

  • ABC
    Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

    While other members of the Peanuts gang plan a holiday celebration, Charlie Brown reads. (It’ll pay off in the long run, Charlie!)

  • NBC
    State of Affairs

    Through 11 pm | Get a refresher on the Katherine Heigl-led drama with Episodes 1, 4 and the winter finale, prior to its return on Jan. 5.

  • CBS
    Mike & Molly

    A guys-only fishing trip changes when, much to Mike’s dismay, Carl invites Victoria. (Are we sure Victoria knows what fish are?)

  • TNT
    Major Crimes

    Tensions are high when Flynn has to talk down a man on a bridge… only to find out that the jumper is a sex offender. (Get scoop, see Question 8.)

  • ABC
    Rudolph's Shiny New Year

    In the annual animated classic, Rudolph sets out in a midnight fog to find Happy, the New Year baby.