What to Watch Today

Watchful Eye Premiere, Quantum Leap Time Loop and More

The Watchful Eye on Freeform

On TV this Monday: Quantum Leap gets a head start on Groundhog Day, The Good Doctor is faced with a particularly ruff procedure, and familiar faces from Angel, Alphas and Gilmore Girls find themselves under The Watchful Eye. Here are eight programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern. (Also check out our weekly TVLine-Up of premieres and finales, plus our monthly streaming guide.)

  • The CW
    All American

    Billy posits that the Santa Ana winds are a bad omen after facing multiple setbacks; Spencer convinces a reluctant ally to speak their truth.

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent: All Stars

    Auditions continue as winners, finalists, favorites and viral sensations return to the stage. (Which acts were cut in Week 4?)

  • ABC
    The Bachelor

    Zach decides that all of his remaining 20 women will go on a date this week, which just sounds exhausting. (Read Week 1 recap.)

  • Fox
    Alert: Missing Persons Unit

    After a foster care worker dies by suicide, the MPU starts to investigate a pregnant woman he was seen with who’s been missing for two years. (Fantasy Island is preempted for a TMZ special.)

  • The CW
    All American: Homecoming

    Simone has difficulty balancing her new “duties” and her loyalty to Nate; Marcus offers Thea help in an unexpected way. (Should this be renewed?)

  • Freeform
    The Watchful Eye

    Series premiere (first two episodes): A young nanny (played by Promised Land‘s Mariel Molino) is thrust into a world of old money and deadly secrets; Amy Acker (Angel), Warren Christie (Alphas) and Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls) co-star. (Watch trailer.)

  • ABC
    The Good Doctor

    In the aptly titled “The Good Boy,” babymooners Shaun and Lea rush to aid an injured dog. (Which cast exit hurt the most?)

  • NBC
    Quantum Leap

    Time loop time! Ben leaps into one of five people at a 1962 nuclear reactor to determine which one triggers a bomb; each time it detonates, he leaps into another one of them, an hour earlier, and the scene resets.