What to Watch Today

Voice Finale, Ducky Under Fire, Ellerbee Retires and More

  • Nickelodeon
    Nick News With Linda Ellerbee

    Series finale: The final episode chronicles poignant moments from Linda Ellerbee’s 25-year run as host of the kid-friendly news program.

  • CBS

    Fall finale: Ducky comes under attack by a perp who claims to have info on his deceased half-brother; Bishop and Jake discuss their future. (Find return date.)

  • CNN
    Republican Presidential Debate

    Brace yourselves, folks: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, John Kasich and — phew! — Rand Paul are scheduled to debate through 11:15 pm.

  • NBC
    The Voice

    Season 9 finale (Part 2): A winner is revealed; Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Missy Elliot, Sam Hunt and The Weeknd perform. (A performance show recap airs at 8.) 

  • CBS
    NCIS: New Orleans

    Fall finale: All evidence points at Wade’s son in a string of deadly Christmas burglaries; Brody and Lasalle tease Pride’s Secret Santa. (Read CCH Pounder’s Memories From the Set.)

  • WGN America

    Season 2 finale (67 minutes): The first test of an atomic weapon ushers in a new era. (Not yet renewed.)

  • MTV
    Finding Carter

    Season 2 finale (two episodes): Carter and Max seek to expose secrets following Seth’s death; Carter grapples with feelings for Jared. (Not yet renewed.)

  • BET
    Being Mary Jane

    Season 3 finale: Mary Jane goes on a date with GG; MJ and David’s mom have a heart-to-heart; Kara gets in trouble at work. (Not yet renewed.)

  • CBS

    Fall finale: An internal investigation is launched after Agent Rooks and his SWAT team pinch 80 NZT pills from the recovery of stolen inventory. (Check out CBS’ midseason schedule.)

  • Syfy
    The Expanse

    Time slot premiere: Holden and the crew fight for survival aboard a damaged shuttle; Miller learns more about Julie Mao; a terrorist is interrogated.