What to Watch Today

The Traitors Reunion Special, XL La Brea Finale and More

  • Hulu
    How I Met Your Father

    Sophie encounters an obstacle with her new beau; Sid and Charlie try to sell terrible wine… with an assist from Judge Judy? (Sandy Rivers’ return explained!)

  • Netflix
    Perfect Match

    Season 1 finale (last four episodes): Last dates lead to emotional conversations and a huge surprise. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Peacock
    The Traitors Reunion Special

    Bravo’s Andy Cohen reunites the Season 1 cast of the Peacock phenomenon, which has already been renewed for Season 2! (We’ve got a few casting suggestions…)

  • Fox
    9-1-1: Lone Star

    After revealing to the 126 that he’s been working to bring down a domestic terrorist group, Owen responds to a bomb threat at the State Capitol. (Get 9-1-1 scoop!)

  • ABC
    The Rookie

    Elijah and Abril’s newfound alliance forces the team to rely on Elijah’s lawyer; Nolan and Juarez reopen her sister’s case.

  • The CW
    The Winchesters

    In the penultimate Season 1 episode, a tense discussion between Mary and John is tabled when a new mystery arises — involving an extremely creepy clown. (Get the story behind Jared Padalecki’s Walker spinoff cameo.)

  • Fox

    After getting arrested for protesting the local uranium mine, a group of Navajo friends come up with a plan to try and shut it down for good.

  • NBC
    La Brea

    Season 2 finale (two episodes): When Gavin’s life is in peril, Eve makes a desperate bid to set things right; Veronica reveals a secret that puts things with Lucas in jeopardy. (Is Season 3 really the end?)

  • CBS
    FBI: Most Wanted

    The team investigates when a rising star triathlete is the victim of a gruesome murder; Remy is reunited with a true-crime show producer from his past.

  • ABC
    Will Trent

    When a case that hits especially close to home comes across Will’s desk, he discovers there’s more to the crime than meets the eye.

    👨🏻‍⚕️ ON THIS DAY IN TV HISTORY 👩‍⚕️
    40 years ago today, the M*A*S*H series finale was watched by well over 100 million viewers. (Where does it rank among the Best Series Finales of All-Time?)