What to Watch Tonight

Roosevelts Brace for War, E! Tributes Joan Rivers and More

  • PBS
    The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

    In the penultimate installment of the Ken Burns documentary, America refuses to enter World War II, but an attack on Pearl Harbor changes things. Meanwhile, FDR is diagnosed with heart failure while deciding on a fourth term.

  • Fox

    The good people of Utopia make hooch, which includes… washing out condoms?

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    Before the finale airing next Wednesday, the Final Three reflect on the season and begin Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition.

  • E!
    Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan

    In this 90-minute special, Melissa Rivers and the Police squad take a look at Joan Rivers’ tenure on E!, sharing behind-the-scenes clips, personal stories and her funniest moments. (E!’s “Joan Day” begins at 7 am with an all-day marathon of the comedienne’s’ best Police arrests.)

  • Disney Channel

    In Part 1 of a four-week event that leads up to this big ol’ [SPOILER], Jessie meets a guy named Brooks, but she runs into trouble when she learns his full identity.

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Cory’s history assignment forces Riley and Maya to actually do work imagine what life was like in New York City circa 1961.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    Repeat to Revisit: In the Season 4 finale, Grover is forced to steal $100 million in order to get his kidnapped daughter back. (Season 5 premieres Sept. 26.)

  • Fox
    Red Band Society

    If you were among those who upon seeing the Wednesday premiere’s disappointing ratings were all, “Whoa, hey now, I didn’t know it was on,” here is a handy, “no more excuses” encore.

  • Syfy
    Z Nation

    People in New Jersey discover that they are severely out of fuel and decide a dangerous mission is their only solution.

  • Cinemax
    The Knick

    Thackery and Bertie try to fix operating theatre failures after learning a new procedure. Elsewhere, Edwards finds his career in jeopardy, and Everett tries to console Eleanor.

    NEXT FRIDAY: CBS’ Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods, ABC’s Shark Tank and 20/20 and NBC’s Dateline premiere, while Amazon releases all 10 episodes of Transparent.