What to Watch Today

The Newsroom's Final Run Begins, The Comeback Is Back, Simpsons Meet Futurama and More

  • USA Network

    Through 11 pm | In recognition of Veterans Day, Covert Affairs’ Chris Gorham hosts this 10-episode marathon of TV’s most watched drama.

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    When Emma captures the Snow Queen and interrogates her, the Snow Queen tries to convince Emma that they’re really quite similar. (See photos.)

  • Fox
    The Simpsons

    Crossover alert! Futurama’s Planet Express crew comes to present-day Springfield to keep the Simpsons from destroying the future. (Watch an exclusive sneak peek.)

  • Fox
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake hits it off with Sophia (Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria), a woman he meets at the bar, only to find out she’s the defense attorney for a perp he is trying to put in jail. That’s an awkward morning-after.

  • HBO
    The Newsroom

    Season 3 premiere: In the wake of the Genoa debacle, Will and the News Night team proceed with caution while reporting a major breaking story. (Read a preview with star Jeff Daniels.)

  • Showtime

    Lockhart arrives, and Carrie’s investigation becomes much more complicated. (See who nabbed our Performer of the Week.)

  • CBS
    The Good Wife

    Alicia battles Louis Canning when she takes on a college rape case. Rita Wilson also returns, as Viola Walsh. (Also, are these burning questions bothering you, too?)

  • AMC
    The Walking Dead

    The group finally catches a break for once! (Nah, just kidding. They contend with a whole new set of issues while out on a mission.)

  • HBO
    The Comeback

    Season 2 premiere: She’s baaaaack! While shooting footage for a reality-TV pilot she hopes will get picked up by Bravo, Valerie Cherish learns that her nemesis, Paulie G., is creating an HBO series whose plot sounds veeeeery familiar.

  • Showtime
    The Affair

    Alison and Noah are forced to confront new obstacles at home: a surprise visit from Alison’s estranged mother (acting vet Deirdre O’Connell) and concerning behavior from Noah’s daughter Whitney.

  • HBO
    Getting On

    Season 2 premiere: Dr. Jenna James’ multiple research projects threaten to take over the ward. Plus, Dawn gets a surprising answer to what’s been ailing her.